16 December 2010

Happy blogiversary - let's talk about me for a minute

Warning: self indulgence ahead!
Today Tune into Radio Carly celebrates its first birthday! A blogiversary! Hurrah! I started it on 16 December 2009. Not a lot was happening in my life back then. I had a good, rewarding job. I had good friends. I was studying. I volunteered. These things are still happening for me. But there is so much more in my life. And it's mostly because of my blog!
  • My blog is a creative outlet. It also enables me to hone my writing and research skills.
  • It allows me to vent through the hard times, and gain support from strangers and friends. I will always be thankful of the support I received from you all when my dogs passed away, when I've been unwell, and when that woman in the store abused me.
  • I have commenced two freelance writing opportunities - DiVine earlier in the year, and now the ABC's Ramp Up. I've always wanted to be a writer! And now I am!
  • I won an award for my writing! A very proud moment for me and those who know me.
  • I became a TV presenter! Who would have thought?? It is so much fun, and I've made awesome friends through filming.
  • I have been invited to speak on the radio, three times - twice because of my blog!
  • I have met many new friends through blogging too. Blog readers and writers - some I've met in person, others I can't wait to meet.
  • Blog readers have recognised me in the street!
It's been a brilliant journey. I've opened up a lot, and also been myself. It's documented a journey. Everything you've read here is the real me.

When I started writing this blog, I wondered whether I had enough content to maintain it. I feared I'd have to do things to blog about. But then I saw that there was a story in everything. All I needed was a notebook and pen, a camera, or my iPhone and a good sense of observation, and I was set to record my stories for my blog. My Dad often asks me why I have to photograph everything. It's potential content. I sort of do have to participate in things to blog about - the blog has made me get out more.

I think about whether things are bloggable. Most things are. I think I can successfully make the mundane interesting. (Remember the Asian Snack Challenge? SO. MUCH. FUN. Both doing it and writing about it.) There are many things I don't tell you though. I have shared more than I'd ever imagined, which may have drawn you in and encouraged you to return, but I have kept some things off limits. I don't blog about 9-5 job. I don't blog explicitly about sex. I don't name people I am angry at, or in love with (unless they are celebrities). I always ask people if they want to be in my blog or whether I can mention them/what we did - that is only fair.

I sincerely thank you for taking interest in my life, and also showing you care.

I've told you a lot about my skin condition, ichthyosis form erythroderma. You have all been so very compassionate, empathetic and positively curious. Most of you had never heard of ichthyosis. Some of you have ichthyosis, or have family members with the condition, and come to me for advice about it. I hope I've been helpful. Sometimes it's been challenging - I'm not sure if just living with the condition makes me the one to give suitable advice to people.

As I've showcased in my Enough about me, let's talk about YOU for a minute guest blog series this past week, I am inspired by other bloggers. Thanks Christine, Lanelle, Cheryl, Hayley, Kendi, Bern and Sydney Shop Girl. The theme of the series, which I did not initially mention, was how has blogging changed your life? As you have read, blogging changed all of my guest bloggers' lives. And mine too.

I've formed so many friendships - online and then continuing into real life. Blogging makes a brilliant community, showcasing huge talent. It creates discussion, piques ideas and facilitates passions for topics and events. Each day I read blogs and am thankful for people sharing their lives with the world. It's so much more interesting reading about real people and not celebrities.

Here are (more than just) a few of my favourite blog entries. They remind me of the defining moments of my year:
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I hope that my blog makes a difference to you. I hope it makes you laugh, think, find new music, inspires you to cook, and sometimes cry. I hope that you can share it with those you know. I hope you keep leaving comments and continuing the discussion that I start, perhaps on your own blog.

Thank you for reading Tune into Radio Carly. Stay tuned for more!

Don't forget to enter the birthday giveaway! Entries close at 11.59 pm Australian EDT tonight!


  1. Happy 1 year Anniversary Miss Carly. Amazing the difference it makes hey. I honestely though meeting people on the internet was all about dating sites and nothing good could come from it.

    Even now, explaining blogs and twitter etc to people who don't use it look at me blankly and I think, feel a little sorry for me.

    You are tops, meet you in Sydney baby!!

  2. Happy blogiversary Carly!! Wow, you've achieved so much this year! I love your blog, as you include such a variety of topics and always have an interesting, educated viewpoint. Congratulations on reaching your dream of being a writer! So so exciting! Here's to many more fun and adventurous blogging years!
    Heidi xo

  3. Happy blogiversary! You've achieved so much in jsut a year - I wonder what you'll be celebrating this time next year?

  4. Yay. Happy Bloggiversary! :)

    you have done so well, and its great to see!
    i love reading your blog, you are a great writer.

  6. Happy Bloggy B'day!! Thanks for sharing your reflections on the past year, it has been wonderful reading along with the journey xx

  7. Dear Carly,
    Happy blog-iversary! I love that your writing is thoughtful, humourous and honest, and that it's brought so many new friends and opportunities your way.
    xx Polly

  8. "I've formed so many friendships - online and then continuing into real life. Blogging makes a brilliant community, showcasing huge talent. It creates discussion, piques ideas and facilitates passions for topics and events. Each day I read blogs and am thankful for people sharing their lives with the world. It's so much more interesting reading about real people and not celebrities." LOVE this comment and totally second it. Carly, your blog is consistently one of my favourites and I applaud you for being so upbeat and honest about your life. You're very relatable and I know (even though we've never met) that you would be a really fun, interesting person to hang out with! Here's to 10 more "blog-iversaries"!!

  9. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! What an amazing year you have had. Enjoy a big slice of that virtual cake and congratulations on all of your successes, they are so well-deserved! I can't wait to see what's next for you! :)

  10. Happy blog birthday Carly!!!

    I'm so proud of you & everything you have accomplished in 2010 & through your blog! I can only imagine that 2011 is going to be incredible for you!

    You are amazing & I love how you MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

    Thank you for sharing your world with us & being such a fantastic role model. You were born to shine!

    Love Nikki

  11. Yay! Congrats on your blogiversary! Hope there are many more to come =)


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