18 December 2010

No Limits update!

No Limits has started! 6.30 pm Monday nights in Australian capital cities.

It is truly a privilege to be a cast member/writer on the show. I have made brilliant friends. I just feel like I fit in with these people. Everytime I see them it's so much fun.

And the messages we put out there are very important. When I see the credits, tears well up - I am so proud to be a part of No Limits.

You can view the website.

And the bio page.

Watch past episodes here.

Here is Phin's arm, me, Louis and Elvira on set.
 Promo shot!
This is a sketch I wrote and acted in. Kate Erin Miller is the other actor. It's based on an actual event.

No Limits. Get it into ya!

(Pictures by Steven Pam from No Limits website)

Also, remember I said there was filming at my place? Well here is the finished product:


  1. nice blogs..keep on posting..I love to see more of your post.

  2. BTW the sketch is fantastic! I'm truly appalled though that it is based on an actual event. Some people really SUCK.

  3. wow! this is awesome, Carly! You're a really great actress :) and it will be helping a lot of people, well done. I am so shocked that the sunburnt incident is based on a real event - what the hell is wrong with people?
    Heidi xo


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