31 July 2010

The kindness of strangers and friends

A few things have been said and done for me in this past week which has made me realise the kindness of strangers and friends. And these things have certainly put a smile on my face.

I had dinner with a friend and her 10 month old baby on Monday. Her baby is the cutest little girl ever. So happy and smiley. She was wearing the little purple dress I gave her for Christmas when I met them. And I'm called 'Aunty Carly'! I love being Aunty Carly!

Her little girl gave me this card in which she drew a picture.
So cute! Adorable.

Last Sunday I received a beautiful anonymous message from a Twitter follower in response to my Rush You Tube video.

It read:
'Carly! I have been reading your blog since it started and I follow you on twitter.

You are absolutely gorgeous and I loved that vid, seeing you in action totally confirmed for me that you are without a doubt the most loveable girl in existence.

Keep doing what you're doing! You are a talented writer and I cannot wait to see you on tv! oxox'

This message seriously made my day! The anonymous Twitter follower has since revealed herself - thank you for reading and enjoying and liking Tali! You are awesome!

Yesterday I received a message from a lady in the UK who had stumbled across the Rush video online, and she was thrilled to see me so happy meeting the cast. We have since become Facebook friends and have chatted about our love for Australian television drama and Rodger Corser.

How amazing to get so much support and love from strangers.

And today, a new friend I made through doing belly dancing gave me a necklace. She said that last week I offered her a lot of comfort when she was unwell, encouraging her to take time out and look after herself. She's a carer for the disabled and brings one of her clients to class. Her client loves class and looks forward to coming each week. My new friend at dancing said she's felt so welcome in class and has appreciated my friendship. I was so surprised and happy she thought to give me the necklace. Thank you Z! Here I am wearing it today after dancing at a Cambodian lunch.

The necklace is gorgeous - silver with pink beads and a bit of bling. Z said it matches my personality. So sweet.

Mum took that picture and I am so happy with how it turned out! Thanks Mum!

The kindness from strangers (who have become friends) and friends this week has made me so happy. And has reminded me there are wonderful people out there.

I did a forward roll to prove I could do one. And I did!

Yesterday I did a forward roll (somersault) on the floor at work in front of my colleagues.

It was to prove that I could do one. Because my Mum was once a gymnast and now a coach. And somehow it should be in my genes to do gymnastics too. (Note - a forward roll is the only gymnastic move I can do.)

I had a rather tight pencil skirt on, so the challenge was to do it gracefully. No, the challenge was to do it at all.

I got down on the floor, took a deep breath, put my head on the floor and then felt a bit nauseous. I wondered whether it was a good idea. I had not done a forward roll for about 15 years. Maybe more. I used to do them all the time when I was a kid.

The forward roll was successful. It was graceful but not without pain. My neck and shoulders hurt. I am not as agile as I was aged 13. I wondered if in the warmer weather, when I resume body balance, it will be easier to do a forward roll?

I was so pleased I could do a forward roll - and so were my colleagues - they clapped and cheered me on.

Even this morning, my upper body is still sore from this one forward roll. Maybe it's the countless frangelicos and moscatos and champagnes and red wines of last night, though? Nah. Probably not.

The forward roll got me thinking - I often do things to prove my worth to the world. Not things I don't want to do, but things that I am good at, to prove that I am good at them. And a lot of the time I'm constantly proving I'm more than a red face. Because there have been people I've met who just can't get past that issue.

I currently have about six projects on the go. Full time work, freelance writing, TV, volunteer work at ChIPS, my masters thesis and belly dancing. Somewhere in there is socialising, shopping and seeing bands, maintaining this blog, and the everyday stuff like cooking (love it) and cleaning (hate it). Plus keeping my health (pretty good most of the time).

I take on a lot. And I think it's to prove myself. That I can do these things. That I am good at them. That I am successful and articulate and committed. I need to clarify though, I do enjoy these things I do, and wouldn't take them on if I didn't enjoy them. Doing them gives me a sense of purpose and fulfillment too.

For me, a distinction at university is never good enough. I've written about this before. Even though I say I aim to achieve 70%, and I work full time and do so many other things, as above, I know I want more. And when I got 78% last semester, it wasn't good enough for me. I wanted more. And then wondered whether if I achieved 88%, would that be good enough?

I wonder whether if I didn't have a chronic illness if I'd be as eager to prove myself. Probably not. I'm sure I'd be a high achiever, but I think I'd feel a sense of permission to be lazier.

There have been many times where people I have met have expected less of me because of my illness.

I have been spoken to loudly and slowly: 'So... What... Do... You... Do...?' As though because I am red I can't understand them, or hear them.

I have been underestimated by strangers: 'It's so good someone like you is working and not locked away somewhere.' Because they may have put me in the same category as the disabled people who were institutionalised. Or they didn't expect me to have the capability to work in a department store, or anywhere else. Or they didn't expect me to be able to brave the public. Or all three.

I have been underestimated by people I went to school with: 'So you're doing your Masters? Wow. I only thought you were at TAFE.' Not that there's anything wrong with TAFE - I have considered doing some short courses, but yes, I have the ability, perseverance and the intelligence to study at a post graduate level.

And sometimes, they've asked others to speak on my behalf: 'What's wrong with her face?' Because maybe they thought even though I was just talking to my friend/parent a second ago, my illness means I don't have the ability to speak to the public.

I guess these assumptions made about me have ensured I strive higher than even anyone I know expects me to. To prove to the people I don't know that I am not just a red face.

It's strange because even though I am always being myself, and I know those I work with and am friends with and who love me know my worth.

But the sense of self success and the need to prove myself to others is always so prevalent.

Maybe I'm doing a metaphorical forward roll every day. To prove that I can do. To prove that I'm more than how I look. And to break down the assumptions people make about me and others with chronic illnesses and disabilities.

I think I need to ease off on the actual forward rolls though!

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29 July 2010

Itchy and scratchy

Another shitty symptom of ichthyosis is the constant itching.

The itchiness is usually easy to manage. It comes and goes. But sometimes, like today, I wake up and the itchiness is so intense I worry that I will scratch myself to a bloody mess. Luckily I have learnt not to let it get to this stage, but as a young child I'd often wake up with bloody sheets and pillow cases from deep scratching, and then my skin was very sore when it was washed.

This morning I was so itchy I couldn't go to work. My eyes and nose were itchy and runny. My face was puffy. My body was itchy all over. My scalp itched so much that I wanted to scratch it against furniture corners, like a sheep scratches itself on a fence.

There's not much to treat my itching with other than antihistamines. So that's what I did.

I've been in a haze of phernergan and zyrtec today. I'm not sure whether you can take them together without side effects, but I took them anyway. I'm not dead so it must be ok.

I admit, I love a phernergan sleep. It's a deep, warm sleep where most of the itching subsides and the world is forgotten. But when I wake up, I am left with a hangover. Not a headache type hangover after drinking all night (I've only had one of those in my whole life!). It's a hangover where my body is heavy and I don't feel fully awake for a long time.

After Rush I don't know whether I will take another phernergan or not. I am still itchy. I don't want to feel horrible at work tomorrow. I have an event to coordinate. I can't risk not waking up in time or feeling like a heavy lump all day.

When I scratch, people tell me not to scratch. I am used to it. But I really hate it when people tell me not to scratch and throw in a slap on my hands. That really pisses me off. Them slapping me is more annoying than me scratching.

Here's hoping tonight is without itching. And tomorrow too.

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28 July 2010

Vote for Nikki for the Miss Shop Style Off!

One of the first fashion blogs I started reading was Flair to Remember in 2008.

I loved Nikki's take on corporate wear and her relaxed yet stylish weekend wear. And her race day creations are stunning. She inspires me a lot.

I was a lucky winner of her Freez Ray of Light dress last Christmas. I entered a competition on her blog and won this gorgeous dress! Here is my entry.

Nikki has entered the Miss Shop Style Off competition run by Myer.

Look how stylish Nikki is - she deserves to win!

(Photos from Nikki's blog)

You can vote for Nikki here!

If she wins, she will get
  • A $25,000 MYER shopping spreeeeeeee!!!
  • 2 VIP Tickets to the first ever Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival Myer Miss Shop Show
  • Flip Mino II HD camcorder valued at $299
  • Be a Shop Til You Drop fashion assistant for a day
She is such a gorgeous girl inside and out - I'd love to see her win!

A lotta good people there

It is with great sadness that I write about the passing of the Henty Machinery Field Days song.

'There was movement at the station,
For the word had gone around,
The professionals are coming to town,
For the Henty Machinery Field Days coming in from miles around.
Bringin tractors, trailers, seeders and balers,
Trucks, 4 wheel drives and ploughs,
Bringin headers and scrapers and big cultivators,
With experts who can show a man how.
And fifty thousand people will all be coming too,
Seeing things for better or for worse,
Cause everybody knows when a farmer's going places,
He goes to Henty Field Days first.
Going to the Henty Field Days,

Lot of good people there,

See you at the Henty Field Days,

Nothing like it anywhere'

I read the sad news in The Border Mail today.

This song was an icon of my childhood. Most people I know who grew up in Albury or country NSW or Victoria know the song. And we can sing it on cue.

The original song is being replaced by another song. I don't even want to write about the other song. The Henty Field Days just won't be the same without the original song. It's 30 years old.

The Henty Field Days is a farming expo held each September in a small country town called Henty, close to Albury NSW.

When I was at primary school, in a very small farming town, a lot of the kids used to take the three days of the Henty Field Days off to go to with their parents. I was a bit jealous of them going. I didn't go to the Henty Field Days until I was about 14. And when I did I hated it. Boring. There were tractors and trailers, seeders and bailers. Just like the song said. Nothing a 14 year old girl, not the slightest bit interested in farming, would like.

My parents have been a lot. They seem to enjoy it. Years ago, Mum bought me a cute necklace that I recently made into a brooch. She also came back with a funny varnished tree stump coffee table thing one year. It had may small table tops set on the outreaching branches. My Dad hated it.

Though for me, the Henty Field Days is a really boring event, I will miss the song. It's something that Albury and North Eastern Victorian people can identify with.

27 July 2010

Calling for co-stars!

I need some co-stars for my comedy sketches that I am writing and starring in for the No Limits TV show on Channel 31. I am looking for able-bodied males and females.

The sketches will be 10-20 seconds long and are centered around my own chronic illness.

Filming will hopefully be mid August 2010 in Melbourne.

If you are interested, email me for more details.


25 July 2010

Guest blogging over on the Netherton's Syndrome site

So my friend in the UK, Matt Jeffries has started a website for little Jack Oldacres who was born with Netherton's Syndrome. You may recall I wrote about him a few months back.

The website is to raise money and to educate people about Netherton's Syndrome.

Matt asked me to do a guest blog for the site, and here it is.
My aim of this guest blog was to provide some hope for the kids born with Netherton's Syndrome and ichthyosis, and of course their families. I want people to know that things are going to be hard at any point in a life with this skin condition, but things are not futile. There are so many opportunities for the taking, and you really just need to enjoy life.

You can read my guest blog here.

Thanks for asking me to write for the Netherton's Syndrome page, Matt and the Oldacres family.


Yesterday when I went to visit my friend and her son at the hospital, she gave me a large bag filled with presents from my parents! Yay!

My parents were recently holidaying in Tasmania (again!). They bought me some hand made goodies as well as some cute and functional towels (I don't think I've ever bought a towel - they all get given to me!).

My parents know my tastes very well. Thank you Mum and Dad!

This is what I received.

Two cute guide dog towels and a plain towel.
We used to buy a lot from the Guide Dog Association when I was a kid, but I don't think they have an extensive range anymore. I love these towels.
A hand spun hat from Spindle Tree at Salamanca Place, Hobart. These colours will certainly brighten a winter's day!
A hand crafted leather belt, made in Tasmania. I don't have many belts, so this is very useful!
And the cutest chicken felted brooch from Spindle Tree!
So adorable!

Tasmania is such a creative place. I miss it and want to visit again soon.

Thank you so much for these presents - I feel very special and spoilt! I love you Mum and Dad :)

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Tune into Radio Carly now has 150 followers on Google Friend Connect! You will see the current count is 151, but that includes me! (I am sure the blog has a lot more readers though...)

To celebrate and thank you all for your readership, I am doing another giveaway. Another brooch. Because I love brooches so much.

I bought a red apple brooch to give away. It's made by Australian designer Dan300.

I hope that you like it as much as I do!

All you need to do to enter is to leave a comment on this blog entry. Entries are open to anyone from across the world.

Winners will be drawn next Sunday 1 August.

Good luck!

Ticking things off the list

I have had an incredible amount of tasks to get through this weekend. Overwhelmingly so.

Here is what I have done so far. I feel pretty accomplished in most areas, and disappointed in one area.

I went on the tram car restaurant on Friday afternoon.

I ate some chicken liver pate (my dining partner was vegetarian except for chicken, so she had the capsicum pate)

 Drank some Champagne...they kept on topping the glass up...
 Ate some trout with soy and ginger dressing - rather nice
 Rode through St Kilda...very Secret Life of Us
 Ate some beef - mooing, but not as tasty as I'd hoped
And see that piece of blue vein cheese? It's King Island. And I ate the lot. My dining partner didn't eat blue cheese. Lucky for me. Unlucky for my arteries.
 Here is a picture of Melbourne as we crossed the Yarra on the tram car in Spencer Street.
Here is me with the menu and carnation they gave me. I am wearing a hoodie because it was Stress Down Day on Friday and that's the 'event' I promoted at work. I want to wear a hoodie to work more often.
After the tram car restaurant we went to crown and had more drinks. I got home around 6:30, made some phone calls and watched The Secret Life of Us on DVD in bed, and fell asleep halfway through. So tired.

Yesterday morning I went to the Children's Hospital to visit a friend and her son who is staying there, had breakfast at Maccas, then went to belly dancing.

After belly dancing I handed over $60 for this.

It's most of the non prescription part of my skin care routine. Very expensive. Shampoo, conditioner and bath/shower wash and cotton buds.

After that outing, I did two loads of washing, had a nap, had some food, and then wrote some comedy sketches that I will perform on TV. I can't believe I wrote that! That I am really doing it! I wrote some comedy sketches that I will perform on TV!

I got ready to go out to The Temper Trap. At this stage I was feeling really tired still, and had two major things to tick off my list.

I went for dinner at a Thai restaurant in Victoria Street. I don't know what it was called, but the food was pretty good.

That is a duck and lychee salad. It was seasoned with chilli and peanuts. I ate it wrapped in roti.

Then I drove to Festival Hall to see The Temper Trap.

This is the disappointing part.

It was cold. I was tired, I bought my ticket months ago so it wasn't like I was forking out the money last night. And the ticket had not been posted to me, so it didn't even feel like I was going. There were heaps of people out. I was going on my own, which I am usually quite happy to do. I couldn't find a park close by. I thought I should have got the train.

And then, I disappointed myself.

I gave up The Temper Trap to go to bed. I was in bed by 8.30 pm, watched some Secret Life of Us, and was asleep by 10.00pm. I know. They had sold out on the day I bought my ticket. I may never be able to get a $60 ticket to them again. But then, I had seen them in January, they were awesome but the setlist was very short. I heard them on the radio this morning and my throat choked up. I missed The Temper Trap gig :/

Anyhow, I slept well. I needed it. Today I have done some grocery shopping, eaten breakfast and read the newspapers, looked over some stuff for my thesis.

I have stared at this picture a lot.

 And this one.

And watched the You Tube video of the Rush premiere 30485 times. I am really happy with how it turned out and not so embarrassed at my over enthusiasm anymore.

I am about to get started on an article for DiVine, then cook dinner and watch Masterchef.

Can I have another weekend please?

20 July 2010

My first YouTube appearance. Meeting the Rush cast.

Well, I'm holding my breath and posting me on You Tube. Reliving the experience of the Rush premiere. Hope you enjoy and have a laugh!

(Photo taken by Megan Burke)

So my first appearance on YouTube is a little ... ummm.... exuberant.

The lovely Hayley who came along to the Rush premiere last night was so kind to record all of our encounters with the boys from Rush.

In this video you will see Megan being sensible. And me not so. (Future employers - please note, I do not behave like this in the workplace - unless the Rush cast should be there!) I am usually quite calm.Though I was told today, I am always like a kid at Christmas.

I am so thankful I have great friends who appreciated my excitement! And recorded it. When the day comes that I become shy and reserved, I'll need this video.

Thank you :)

19 July 2010

Season 3 Rush premiere

Hoyts Melbourne Central
19 July 2010
(All photos are featuring me or have been taken by me, please don't reproduce or alter.)

It was a fantastic night! I was giddy with excitement, and maybe hormones!

I am so full of energy now, and still so excited so forgive me if my writing is a little rambled - maybe I've missed things out? I know I told two men I loved them - and they weren't Callan Mulvey!

I was lucky enough to win tickets to the Rush premiere from both TV Week and Mix FM.

I went with about five friends and made two new friends, met an old friend and saw some people from the Rush forum.

This is my outfit.

The crowd was huge this year compared to last year. There was champagne and canapes, though in my excitement, I didn't get enough of either.

Unlike last year, there was a stage set up and the announcer from Mix FM came to welcome us and introduce the cast.

It was Rodger Corser, Ashley Zukerman, Sam Johnson and Kevin Hofbauer, the new recruit. Rodger said that the girls had gone to the Jam Factory and Callan's helicopter was on its way.

We squealed. I was so excited to see Sam Johnson.

Callan Mulvey came out a few minutes later. The girls went wild.
"Can we like...OOH THERE'S CALLAN!!" That was said by me!

I had a photo taken with Rodger Corser first. He said the girls were really at the Jam Factory - they'd gone to the wrong cinema. I asked what kind of policewomen are they? 'Bloody hopeless' he replied.

I then had a photo taken with Callan and Rodger.

Look at me, surrounded by genetically blessed men! I was very excited!

Megan had a photo with Callan.

It's a weird angle as I took two photos at once with both cameras.

When I was waiting for my photo to be taken with Callan, he saw me and acknowledged me in the crowd by nodding and smiling.

After the photo, Callan asked me how I was, he called me by my name! I told him about my role in the Channel 31 show and he said that's excellent, he will tune in! I congratulated him on his engagement and thanked him for his letter. He was so lovely.

My friends and I then slowly made our way through the crowd to meet Sam Johnson. The crowd was so thick. My shoes were hurting!

Sam Johnson. Wow. What an amazing guy. He was so funny and so nice. I told him about how I loved him in The Secret Life of Us and how I wanted to be Alex. He said he wanted to BE WITH Alex and that's why he did the show! He gave me lots of hugs, including the 'couple pose', which he only does once a night and I'm it. I said 'I think I love you more than I love Callan Mulvey, Sam' and he said 'nah, I'm nothing like those guys, I'm just...I'm just..' and I finished his sentence: 'a douche' and he laughed and said yeah. He thanked me for loving the show. I was taken away by his charm. And that voice!

I was laughing so much my eyes were shut!

Here is Megan with Sam.

We then snaked our way around the back, where I got a nice rear view of Callan, on our way to meet Ashley.

Though I'm not a fan of 'Muppet' in Rush, I liked Ashley a lot.

Poor Kevin was standing with a very small crowd. I felt bad for him.

After Ashley we made our way back to Callan. And waited. And waited. Hayley got a photo with him.

And he posed for a group photo with Hayley, Trudie and I. Sweet guy. So obliging.

There wasn't time to meet the girls - Nicole Da Silva and Jolene Anderson - but I got this photo of Jolene's head.

We then made our way into the cinema. The cast came in to introduce Rush. Sam Johnson made a moving speech welcoming their guest of honour - a little boy who has fought some hard battles.

My photos aren't so great.

And they sat down, in the same row as us, abeit at the other end!

Episodes one and two of Rush were brilliant! So much action. One episode had scenes from where I met Callan in March, and many streets I know well. And it was so funny in many parts. The script is great. I loved the opening scene of episode one. I really like how in the characters have developed and seem to be bonding again.

It was an incredible privilege to be a part of the audience and meet the cast. And boy did Sam Johnson make me laugh!
Thanks Channel 10, TV Week, Mix FM, the Rush cast and my friends for making it a great night.

18 July 2010

Radar Detector music video clip

Is this not the coolest music video clip in a long time?!

Ok, so I don't watch much music television anymore. You may notice that most of the music I've been missing videos are stuck in the 90s. But this is the coolest clip I've seen since OK Go were on treadmills back in 2006.

It's called Radar Detector and it's by Darwin Deez. So the song is a bit too repetitive for me but I can bear it because the clip is just brilliant!

I love all the innovative things in this clip! So much fun!

Thanks Jentopia for blogging about it!

What other music video clips can you recommend me?

Resourceful cooking achievements

I had a lovely day in today. It was cold so I enjoyed hanging around in my jamas listening to Aussie music (Angus and Julia Stone, the Paul Kelly/Triple J tribute concert and The Basement Birds) and having a tidy up.

I wrote. I revisited my uni stuff. Thesis starts TOMORROW!

I sorted some brooches.

I love brooches. I put them in a glass bowl, and my fun (read cheap) necklaces in a tea cup from T2. You can just see a yellow duck necklace in the tea cup. I can't wait to wear this necklace! It's mother duck and her ducklings! From the kids section of Diva. I might wear it tomorrow. If I do, I will try to have my outfit photographed.

And I sorted my outfit for tomorrow night. It's a secret.

After some changed plans with some friends, I had a solo quick breakfast at Fraus. I love this cafe.

Today I ate crepes with banana, bacon and maple syrup, with a side of marscapone. I loved the salty and sweetness. So it was very rich. But so delicious. Not exactly a Weigh Watchers meal, but I am one of those people who eat to live AND live to eat. In case you hadn't noticed!
I had my regular mug of hot chocolate.
I also read the Sunday papers, which is a pleasure of mine on a Sunday. One of the supplements had a feature on the stunts on Rush. It was the episode that I saw Callan Mulvey filming. You can read it at The Age.

I did some shopping before I returned home - bought a heap of organic vegies on special so I could make a vegie soup inspired by KittyCate. She has inspired me a lot lately!

The soup had so many vegies in it, and was a great way to use up the vegies in the fridge as well as the cheapies from the grocer.

Mum's greens lasted for ages. There is kale, some yellow leafy vegies, spinach and a bunch of bok choy. I also enjoyed the noon sun through my kitchen window.
All these vegies were in my fridge.
So much pumpkin for $1! And this huge parsnip was 50 cents!
It's not often I use premium chicken stock. It's around $7.00 but I guess it's a nice extravagance when my vegies were quite cheap and already in my fridge.
I used beans. And seasoned it with peppercorns, cumin, cardamom, chilli and celery salt.
All was placed in the slow cooker for about six hours.
The soup was so delicious. The sweet potato and pumpkin gave it a honey-flavour.
Last night I didn't know what to have for dinner so I hunted in the freezer and found some of Mum's home made pork sausages. I made bangers and mash.
On the plate is bok choy, smashed potato, snow peas and home made sausage.

Why am I jumping around with my dates?, you ask. Well, I had one really long sausage left over. It was too much to eat last night.
So in the spirit of resourcefulness, and after a suggestion from Mum, I made sausage risotto for dinner today. I've never made 'meaty' risotto before. I have made it with chicken and seafood many times, but never with meat, and definitely not sausage.

These are my main ingredients. Lemon, rice, the leftover pumpkin, spring onions, garlic, oyster mushrooms, and the thing in the foil is the cooked sausage.

Aren't oyster mushrooms so pretty? They are like clouds. They were so cheap too!
I cut the sausage up. I actually cut these further into quarters.
I started the risotto by re-cooking the sausage with the spring onions and garlic.
My lemon zester is my favourite kitchen gadget. I zested the lemon and added it to the sausage mix, along with some saffron.
I added the microwaved pumpkin and its juices.
And a beer jug of stock. It's pretty green hey?! Frightening - I believe Vegeta has MSG. I received this beer jug for my 21st birthday and have never used it for beer. I don't believe I've ever drank this much beer in my life. It's strictly a stock and green smoothie jug.
I added the rice, making sure it was coated by the vegies and sausage to get the flavour. I added the juice of the lemon.
I pour all the stock in the saucepan at once. I know you are meant to slowly add it to the rice. But I just add it all and let it sit there on low heat and let the rice absorb it, stirring once or twice. I've never had an accident burning the rice yet. Again, this probably rules me out of being on Masterchef.
Twenty minutes later and the stock is absorbed. I put some asparagus and the oyster mushrooms in at this stage. I added a small piece of feta cheese that I had left over, some colby cheese and a bit of butter. Counteracting the great low fat vegetable soup, I know!
And here it is. It was so very yummy. Very creamy, very tangy. Packed with vegies and that home made sausage. And very resourceful. It may well be the best risotto I've made!
I have heaps of risotto and soup left over for lunches during the week. It's a busy week for me this week so it helps to have some meals prepared.

I am so excited about tomorrow night! I have been brushing up on the last episode of season two of Rush so I can get straight into the first episodes of season three. Plus there is the opportunity of meeting the cast! I am going with lots of friends and have asked them to bring cameras so we can share photos. Look out for pictures and a detailed recap of the event!


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