25 July 2010


Yesterday when I went to visit my friend and her son at the hospital, she gave me a large bag filled with presents from my parents! Yay!

My parents were recently holidaying in Tasmania (again!). They bought me some hand made goodies as well as some cute and functional towels (I don't think I've ever bought a towel - they all get given to me!).

My parents know my tastes very well. Thank you Mum and Dad!

This is what I received.

Two cute guide dog towels and a plain towel.
We used to buy a lot from the Guide Dog Association when I was a kid, but I don't think they have an extensive range anymore. I love these towels.
A hand spun hat from Spindle Tree at Salamanca Place, Hobart. These colours will certainly brighten a winter's day!
A hand crafted leather belt, made in Tasmania. I don't have many belts, so this is very useful!
And the cutest chicken felted brooch from Spindle Tree!
So adorable!

Tasmania is such a creative place. I miss it and want to visit again soon.

Thank you so much for these presents - I feel very special and spoilt! I love you Mum and Dad :)

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  1. What lovely gifts! There are so many cool crafters in making gorgeous things in Tassie. I hope to get back there for a visit one of these days.

  2. Awww such nice and thoughtful parents you have :)

    I want to visit Tassie soon too. I haven't been in 10 years!

  3. Lovely gifts, your parents are so sweet! That chicken brooch is beyond adorable. x


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