"Thank you for your beautiful post today...we were so honoured to publish it."

-- Mia Freedman, Editor and publisher, mamamia.com.au

"A must read."

-- Lisa Wilkinson, Today show co-host.

"You are a total star."

-- Maggie Alderson, Fashion journalist

Carly is "in complete control of [the] subject in a piece that was notable for its humour, intelligence and wit. It proves that online media is as relevant, important and authoritative as traditional media."

-- Yooralla Media Award 2010 judgespolitical Editor Michelle Grattan, radio presenter and columnist Philip Adams and Dr Rhonda Galbally, AO

"Hi Carly, my name is Dave and I'm the Head of security for Kings Of Leon, thank you for your lovely comments and e-mail. The band love their fans and especially those who come and rock their socks off, they feed off that energy and you gave them plenty, all done with a fabulous smile. Keep it up lady you're awesome!

-- Dave, Kings of Leon Security - comment on Kings of Leon concert wrap up

“Check out this article @carlyfindlay wrote about MasterChef's John Hughes: Great article!”

-- Channel Ten

"Interesting read."

-- Megan Washington, singer/songwriter

“Your writing just gets better and better.”

-- Genevieve Maynard, musician and producer

“FOLLOW @carlyfindlay: her review of @stevepoltz at Northcote Social Club gig, plus interview is awesome!”

-- Extreme Touring, Australian tour producers

From the blogosphere

"Carly rules. She was a speaker at the Aus Blog con. She got up to talk and when she sat down I was a better person. There aren't many times you can mark a change in how you view the world so clearly, but that was one of them. Good on yer, Carly."

-- An Idle Dad, Cooking with too much salt

“Intense stuff from @carlyfindlay, a must read.”

-- Todd Winther, Toddocracy

“Just fell hopelessly in love with @carlyfindlay WOW”

-- Eden Riley, Edenland

Blog readers

"Great blog. I am trying to be less superficial...especially when it comes to teaching my son the important things in life and I would definitely show him your blog when he can read. You are making a difference, and I can't imagine anything more admirable."

"Your blog is fantastic. One of my sons has been having a look at it with me and asked plenty of questions. We had a great discussion about bullying, being different etc...Thanks."

"I am in the American Military and I've seen several heroes in my career, and you are definitely among them."

"I was diagnosed with Ichthyosis Vulgaris about 3 1/2 years ago...I love what you do. You helped inspire me to come 'forward' into the public and actually reveal my secret. I used to be ashamed of what I have, but now I'm ready to embrace it. I hope to connect with others who have Ichthyosis too..." - Jaime

It is very touching as a mom to two with ichthyosis. So many times I've encountered what I see as competitive suffering. who has is worse, or worst, is there such an impassable bridge between raising an affected child, being an affected child, and/or being an affected adult? when I see conversations like this I am encouraged by people really reaching out to each other and making a difference, truly helping without artificiality. makes me very happy. You give a lot Carly. You're a very good role model." - Laurie

"Carly, about 18 months ago I reached out to you and you politely answered all my questions as a new mom to a boy with icthyosis (either nethertons or nbCIE). I want to help build your confidence when talking to parents. You were wonderful and continue to be wonderful on your blog!

There is a big difference between a parent and an infected person. You help bridge the gap. Early as a parent to a newborn, all my questions centered around creams. Now all my questions center around how best to parent a child with differences to build confidence and life skills. You help so much!

You are wonderful to talk to and read your blog. What I take from it the most is to stay positive. As a new parent, my mind went straight to the worst. It was so hard not to dwell and even cry about what we thought was a horrible life plight. The reality is that my boy is a superstar and has more personality than most toddlers his age and steals the show when he is a group of other kids." - Camilla

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