14 November 2011

A funny (and special) story about the Kings of Leon Melbourne concert (and their crew)

So I had another blog entry scheduled for this morning, but in my excitement, I need to tell you this story. It is A funny (and special) story about the Kings of Leon Melbourne concert (and their crew). It's not really a review. One will come.
I went to the Kings of Leon gig at Rod Laver Arena last night. I went on my own, so it simply wasn't safe enough to be in the middle of the mosh. But then, I want to be able to see the band on stage, and being five foot one, it's difficult standing any further than three rows back. So I positioned myself in a safe spot with good airflow on the left side of the stage, in the front row against the barrier. I was the last person in the front row.

Before the show, I figured out this side of the stage was near the backstage section. There were lots of security guards and official VIPs standing around and going through a door. At one point, the door was open enough to see Jared Followill putting his jacket on, and Caleb Followill's red check shirt.
So I was dancing and singing my heart out to Closer, when a VIP with a lanyard walked out of the audience, and came back in to slip me a signed guitar pick! That was pretty cool. I had a look at his lanyard, and thanked him. Turns out, he is Doug Chabbott, Jared Followill's bestie, according to google.

Then, a burly yet friendly crew man with a headset tapped me on the arm after Fans and slipped me another guitar pick! This one is a bit worn, maybe just used.

I have a guitar, should I start playing it?
A bit later, the same crew member walked by and I smiled at me. He went up to the side part of the stage and came back down with a drum stick. He gave this to me too! All these instrument tools! He told me the drum stick was from Nathan Followill's stash on stage.

The show went on, I was really enjoying it! The band played well and there was a lot of energy in the audience. I was especially pleased for the amount of songs played from Because of the Times.

Another crew member gave two setlists and a guitar pick to a very excited girl on the balcony who was cheering the whole time. She was so overwhelmed and happy she cried!! It was a lovely gesture to see.
The show ended and I stood waiting to go out. Doug Chabbott smiled at me telling me I did pretty well during the night! Another crew man gave me another drum stick. So that's two drum sticks and two guitar picks.

And as I was getting ready to go out, a ruffled mohawk guy walked off stage, gave me a setlist, and said in his gorgeous American accent, "thanks for coming out tonight".

It was so lovely to be treated special by the crew. Really nice guys! And I couldn't figure out why I was getting such special treatment. I showed no boob, and was really just having a good time!

Now, if only I got a member of the band, I'll be set!!

Thanks Kings of Leon crew for making my night! This has certainly been a great fortnight of music!!


  1. Gosh, Carly, what an amazing night! How lucky are you?! Very special. And yes, you should definitely start playing the guitar :)
    Heidi xo

  2. I'm so glad it turned out to be such a magic night :-)
    Suze / FMIDK

  3. How fantastic! It sounds like an utterly amazing night.

  4. What a rocking night so happy you has an awesome time xx

  5. So awesome!! You said American accent!! Girl it's you all that have the accent. We sound plain!

  6. Hi Carly ,my name is Dave and im the Head of security for KOL ,thank you for you lovely comments and e-mail . The band love their fans and especially those who come and rock there socks off ,they feed off that energy and you gave them plenty ,all done with a fabulous smile .Keep it up lady youre awesome !

  7. Oh WOW Oh WOW! Thanks for stopping by to read and comment, Dave! How fantastic to hear from you. It is right what Caleb said 'the concert is a two way street - the more you (fans) give to us, the more we'll (band) will give to you'. Thank you, and enjoy the rest of your time in Australia :)
    It's definitely been an awesome concert going experience.

  8. Wow, that is absolutely awesome!! How do you come down from a high like that?!


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