08 November 2011

The Hoopla

Today I was published on Wendy Harmer's website, The Hoopla! The Hoopla is a great mix of social commentary, news items and personal stories. 

Wendy tweeted me this morning, which was a nice surprise while waiting at the hospital clinic.

I love Wendy Harmer. Ever since I saw her featured on Australian Story, I have found her inspirational, clever and so very funny. I have downloaded her podcasts with Angela Catterns and chuckled as I've drifted off to sleep. And so it is a real honour to have been published on her site.


You can read my whole article on The Hoopla here. Thanks for having me Wendy and Team Hoopla! Much appreciated.


  1. A wonderfully written article Carly - congrats on being published again!


  2. Nice work! You really are continuing to find your place as a writer.

  3. Hooray and well done you!!! Hope you are well xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Thankyou so much for sharing this. You make me feel shamed. I have never denied anyone (except the ex) a hug but I have also never thought about the need for physical touch in quite the way I will now. Cherrie

  5. Thank you all :) The Hoopla is a great site and I am honoured to be a part of it.


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