Meeting Callan Mulvey and the Rush cast video

Well, I'm holding my breath and posting me on You Tube. Reliving the experience of the Rush season three premiere. Hope you enjoy and have a laugh!

(Photo taken by Megan Burke)

So my first appearance on YouTube is a little ... ummm.... exuberant.

The lovely Hayley who came along to the Rush premiere last night was so kind to record all of our encounters with the boys from Rush.

In this video you will see Megan being sensible. And me not so. (Future employers - please note, I do not behave like this in the workplace - unless the Rush cast should be there!) I am usually quite calm.Though I was told today, I am always like a kid at Christmas.

I especially like the parts where I meet Callan Mulvey and Sam Johnson.

I am so thankful I have great friends who appreciated my excitement! And recorded it. When the day comes that I become shy and reserved, I'll need this video.

Thank you :)



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