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I have a favour to ask, please.

You know, I've been blogging for quite some time. Almost seven years here! And I am really proud of what I've produced. There are some great resources here for you - scores of posts about Ichthyosis and appearance diversity that are really helpful. I know this because you tell me. You search for and share the posts, and I'm so grateful. Thank you.

Apart from the very occasional sponsored post, I don't get paid to write this blog. I spend a little money on the blog - online storage, apps, graphics and getting people to edit my posts when I'm really busy. I come home from my day job to write because I love it. There's a lot of time involved in blogging - most posts take me up to five hours. I also manage social media and answer countless questions asking for advice about Ichthyosis and general disability issues. People ask me to help them with blogging and socials media. My blogs are used as classroom and business resources. Sometimes I am asked to edit work or give interviews. These are GREAT OPPORTUNITIES but take time and expertise.

I've been listening to a few podcasts talking about backing ourselves, and asking readers to show us they value our content by paying us what they can afford. So that's what I'm doing today.

I am crowdfunding to support my blogging - so I can continue bringing you quality content, and spruce my online home up a bit. I can keep writing but outsource the stuff I'm not good at. I've signed up to a PayPal business account for you to make a one off donation, and Patreon for ongoing pledges. (I have an ABN and everything!).

I ask that if you value my work, if it's been useful to you in any way, if it's made you laugh or cry, and can spare a few dollars, you might consider supporting me to keep doing it. Think of it as buying me a drink. (It can be a cocktail, a wine, a hot chocolate or even a bottle of water!)

You can click the Paypal or Patreon buttons below and give whatever you can afford. Or share this, tell people about my blog. I so appreciate it. Thank you.



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