12 November 2011

Music I've been missing (and looking forward to) - Kings of Leon


Tomorrow night I am going to see Kings of Leon. It seems ages ago since I bought the ticket, and they postponed, so my excitement has sort of waned. But this week I've been listening to their music on my iPod while doing admin stuff at work. I love Caleb's gravelly voice. And even though I love their old stuff better than their new stuff (especially Because of the Times), I love the sexiness of this song.

Manhattan's the music I've been missing. I hope my time in Manhattan, New York is as hot as this song. Caleb Followill is hot damn sexy.

If I get close enough to the stage (I have a standing ticket, but am going alone so I don't feel safe enough to be in the mosh like last time) I will take some photos, and I'll try to do a review for the blog. :)

And I see even rock stars were affected by the QANTAS grounding

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  1. Have a fantastic time! Looking forward to reading a review :)


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