30 December 2009

Call for hairdresser

I need a hairdresser.

My experience with hairdressers has been awful.

As you may guess, people are wary of my skin condition (ichthyosis). I have been to hairdressers that haven't wanted to cut my hair because they are afraid my condition is contagious (it's not!). The last time I went to a hairdresser, I explained what my condition was. Her exact words to me were 'Yes, when I saw you walk in I was shocked but then you spoke and I realised you are normal and that'. Yep. Normal and that.

Sometimes I find they give me a substandard haircut, they don't make an effort because of the way I look. I don't think I'm imagining this.

I'd love a new style as I've had this one since I have had hair. No really. I seriously look the same as when I was three.

And I'd love some colour or highlights. I've seen some natural colours that maybe I can use. I will take in the magazine that I saw the natural colour ads in.

So I think I need a hairdresser that is compassionate, maybe had experience in the medical field (possibly worked at a hospital?). I would like them to have some colours I could use, or give me the option to bring my own. I'd like to talk to them about my experiences with hairdressers, and have them understand I am anxious about hairdressers, but also know I am willing to give a new one a try.

Please, if you know of a hairdresser in Melbourne that you'd recommend, let me know. Let your friends know I need one, too.

It's my mission in 2010 to find a good hairdresser.

Fussy eaters

I was watching Foxtel at my parents this afternoon. There's so many programs, but NOTHING APPEALING ON! I happened to flick to The Farm of Fussy Eaters, a reality tv show. It's rehab for extreme fussy eaters, filmed for TV.

As this was the first show of the series that I watched, I wasn't sure the calibre of their fussy eating. The voiceover man said there's a lady who lived on a diet of white foods only, a man who didn't like vegetables, and a man who just ate peanut butter and cheese sandwiches (though I hope not peanut butter and cheese together).

The contestants are introduced to new foods - the foods that I'd think nothing of eating every day. Green beans. Mashed potato. Fruit smoothies. They are helped along by nutritionists, counsellors and cooks. Some of them are more willing to try new foods than others. Some didn't even like the action of going to a restaurant and sitting down for a meal. And probably all of them were seriously lacking nutrients.

I can't fathom fussy eating. Maybe because my appetite is voracious. And the range of foods I'm willing to try is extensive.

The number of foods I don't eat can actually be counted on one hand.
- rockmelon
- plain milk
- caramel
- most offals (but I don't mind tripe)
- broad beans

Yes, you put it in front of me, and I'll eat it. Despite this, when I have breakfast somewhere other than home and turn down the cereal, people think I'm weird (I hate cereal with milk on it, so I get around this in extreme occasions by having fruit juice on it).

Of course there may be variations of foods I don't like, but I'm hardly fussy. Example: I don't like all foods served at a Chinese restaurant, but I will have yumcha. I prefer raw or smoked salmon to cooked salmon - find these lighter than cooked salmon. I will eat milk in smoothies and desserts. I prefer scrambled eggs to poached or boiled. And I don't really eat much chocolate unless it's dark chocolate and good quality, and maybe in the form of dessert. You can twist my arm!

I eat for fuel. My body needs the food to produce the skin that renews itself in quadruple time compared to most people. But I mostly eat for pleasure. I love food -I love cooking it, trying new foods, talking about it, watching it being prepared...

I love a good steak, mooing, seasoned with only salt and pepper.
Cheeses of all kinds - except Kraft Singles, unless that's all there is to eat - and the stinkier the better!
Macaroni and cheese
Curries from all countries
Fruit smoothies
Raw salmon and smoked salmon
Steamed vegetables
Cooked breakfasts
Rice paper rolls...
And so on.

I just love food. And, if the hours weren't so long and the pay far less than my current job, I'd consider studying to be a chef.

Fortunately because of my super fast metabolism, my body doesn't look like I eat for pleasure!

So I can't understand this fussy eater business.

I have been out to dinner with fussy eaters. I have cooked for fussy eaters. And it makes me uncomfortable. I don't want to offend anyone reading my blog in case they are a fussy eater, in case they are my friend and have eaten with me. But I will say fussy eaters are not fun at the table.

when I was watching the Farm of Fussy Eaters show today, I wondered why people can be so fussy. How they can be so unpassionate about food. (Well, maybe they only hold passion for plain cheese sandwiches - at least that's a start!) Sometimes fussy eating seems like a phobia of food.

Is it masking an eating disorder or a diet?
Is it hereditary - as in, their parents never ate spaghetti bolognaise so they don't either?
Is it laziness? Don't they like cooking?
Is it lenient parenting - they didn't have to eat the things they dislike at a young age, and their parents just let them eat the things they like - even if it was just limited to boiled eggs, chocolate, apples and bread, and these eating habits then last a lifetime?
Is it paranoia - they think certain foods aren't good for them?

One of my favourite online newspaper columnists, Paula Goodyer, wrote this blog about getting fussy eaters to eat vegetables.

It's interesting because even Paula, a nutritionist, has children that are fussy eaters.

I have also just Googled 'what causes fussy eating?'and found this website - Adult Picky Eaters UK. It looks like interesting reading.

So now I've speculated and voiced my opinion about fussy eaters, possibly offending the fussy eaters in my life in the process, I'm going to read the website in more detail.

29 December 2009

Eternal characters

Mum and I and two other friends went to see Did You Hear About the Morgans? today.

Before the film, I was pulled over by the police for a random breath test. Now, I may be mistaken, but they do breath tests differently in NSW. Last time I had a breath test was in June 2009 before the Steve Poltz concert. I had to blow hard into a straw. Today I was told to count to ten. I was wondering why they didn't replace the straw from the previous driver. I didn't want to catch the previous driver's herpes. I disregarded the policeman's instructions to count to ten and tried to blow into the non existent straw. Man I felt dumb! There was no straw. I really did just have to talk into the breath test unit. He must have thought I was a complete bimbo. Hahahah - Mum and I are still laughing at my blowing!

I digress. This isn't a blog entry about my stupidity. There are plenty more stories of stupidity to tell you - like the time I asked, in my graphic design class, whether there is white printer ink! Uh Oh. FYI - there is no white printer ink in smaller home printers, but there can be for speciality commercial printers, and it's very excpensive. And FYI - I asked the stupid questions because the teacher said black ink on black paper is a great technique.

I digress again.

I want to tell you my thoughts on the film we saw today. Did You Hear About the Morgans?. It starred Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant. It was funny, and a little bit heartwarming, but no Notting Hill or Love Actually. it was a good escape from the world. From my lack of phone call from that boy. And before you ask, yes he finally called. I digress yet again.

While I was watching it, I couldn't stop thinking about how Sarah Jessica Parker cannot escape being Carrie Bradshaw.

The style/love of clothes. There was a moment in the movie where her character, Meryl, was packing for witness protection, and she didn't know what to pack so she asked the police woman whether she could pack a pretty dress. There was the Carrie Bradshaw squeal. The love for New York/city life. The mature yet cutesy successful career woman. She is, in my opinion, going to be playing an eternal character. She will always be Carrie Bradshaw. SJP needs to play some character with a prosthetic nose and no make up and a rough heart for her to convince me she's no longer Carrie Bradshaw.

Think Mariah Carey in this new movie - Precious.

Or Cate Blanchett in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. She was an old lady and a young girl. Or in the film Heaven with Giovanni Ribisi, where she shaved her head.

There's Hilary Swank in Boys Don't Cry - she transformed herself into a man.

Fabulous cases of actors NOT playing eternal characters.

I can think of two other actors who are set in my mind as eternal characters:

Kate Ritchie - she played Sally Fletcher in Home and Away, and has since been in Underbelly and on the radio.

I keep picturing her as a little girl, looking for Milko. Even when she was rough on Underbelly.

And my favourite, Keri Russell - she played Felicity, and has since been in August Rush and The Waitress.

I love the TV series Felicity more than you could ever know. I bought the four season DVD set on Ebay and watched it all in three weeks last winter. I loved loved loved it. I cried at the end. I was frustrated she went with Noel not Ben. I loved Meghan. But when I watched The Waitress, I expected her to say 'Dear Sally', or have a conundrum about Ben or Noel (FYI - I was a Ben girl, all the way!). She couldn't shake Felicity.

Eternal characters!

Do something different, actors! Push yourself. Step away from the mould. You get paid enough to!

28 December 2009

Best gigs of 2009

I am quite a big live music fan. 2009, though, has been quite sparse for me in terms of the gigs I've seen.

As it's nearing the end of the year, I'm going to think back on my most memorable gigs I've been to. This is pretty much in order of my favourites, and may not include all gigs.

1) Sound Relief - 14 March, MCG

In support of the Black Saturday bushfires, a massive concert was held in Melbourne and Sydney. Jet, Kings of Leon, Bliss n Eso, Paul Kelly, Kasey Chambers, Crowded House, Coldplay, Midnight Oil and Hunters and Collectors were a few of the acts. My favourite acts of the day were Kings of Leon, Paul Kelly, Crowded House and John Farnham with Coldplay. It poured with rain the whole day in Melbourne, apart from when Crowded House played Four Seasons in One Day. It was brilliant to see Hunters and Collectors live as I'd not seen them before. All of the bands got into the cause, giving it their all. And the spirit of Australia was in force - I loved how we banded together to support such massive tragedy. When John Farnham and Coldplay's You're The Voice was screened from Sydney, the whole MCG were up dancing and singing. One of the other things I recall was when Paul Kelly sang Leaps and Bounds and he sang the line ín the MCG''and the crowd roared. We were IN the MCG!! It was an amazing feeling. I felt so proud to be Australian and to be supporting the bushfire appeal.

2) Kings of Leon - 13 March, Rod Laver Arena

After loving Because of the Times, and then Only By the Night, I was so excited that I had a chance to see Kings of Leon live. I was a latecomer to their music, and it was only after this concert that I began to listen and love their first albums. I was fortunate enough to win tickets from Nova 100 radio and the tickets were in the general admission area of Rod Laver. My friend and I were lucky enough to get a view from the second row. I've been in the front mosh before (Placebo and Screaming Jets were the roughest) but wasn't sure what to expect with Kings of Leon. It was exhilerating and exhausting at the same time. Some girl, possibly high on drugs, was throwing herself around and pushing and hitting people. I was very annoyed the security were more interested in stopping me from taking photos than getting this girl out of the crowd. It took me and others around me four songs to get her out. After that I had a much better time, but I was overheating so I wasn't able to stay in the front of the mosh for the last two songs - my favourite - Knocked Up and Manhattan. Other songs that were great were Black Thumbnail, Charmer, Closer, and Taperjean Girl. However, the next day was Sound Relief and I was very tired in mind and body after those two gigs.

3) Steve Poltz - 20 June, Northcote Social Club

I was first introduced to Steve Poltz at a Bob Evans gig in May. He is a brilliant storyteller, comedian and generally all round nice guy. Did you know he's written songs for Jewel? He wrote You Were Meant for Me. On this particular night he played for almost two and a half hours, and the concert was recorded. I purchased the CD at the end. He was amazing. The crowd was enthralled! a busload of people came from Flowerdale, they were survivors of the Black Saturday fires. He got some of them up on stage. It was brilliant. His ability to tell stories is a gift - if you ever get the chance to see him, do so. He's playing on 2 January at Northcote Social Club and I will be seeing him! Can't wait.

4) Bob Evans and Steve Poltz - 21 May, Corner Hotel

This was the night I was introduced to Steve Poltz. He played five songs before Bob Evans and I was captivated. I remember giving him a note saying he was my favourite support act ever.

Bob Evans was amazing too. I love his charisma, his passion for music, and his song writing. There was one point where he got down in the crowd during Pasha Bulker and he did a guitar solo. I helped wind his guitar lead back on to the stage. It was a great night, but I think I had something on early the next day!

5) Bob Evans - 26 May, Billy Hyde Music instore

Bob Evans played a short set at Billy Hyde promoting his album and Gibson guitars. It was beautiful - acoustic and heartfelt. I was the first audience member there and Kevin (Bob Evans) was there warming up and we had a bit of a chat. They got me sme water and I got a good spot. Disappointingly (but lucky for my friends and I), there weren't many people there to support Bob Evans. But it was personal and intimate. After the show, he signed a poster for me, I asked him for the lyrics to my favourite song - Hand Me Downs. He didn't remember the words, so I offered to play it on my iPod, but he asked me to sing them - hahaha. The lyrics are 'Í got nothing darlin', all I got are broken wings, and I need you more than ever now...'. Steve Poltz was there looking on and he recognised me from the May Bob Evans gig, so he said hi. And then when he parked behind my car, we had a laugh.

6) Pink - 22 June, Rod Laver Arena

Is there anything this woman can't do?! She sings, she dances, she does acrobatics! Wow! A couple of years ago I won some tickets (thanks again, Nova 100) and was quite hesitant in going to see her as I wasn't a huge fan of her music. But I was in awe and became a fan. When 2009 shows were announced, my manager asked me to get tickets for her as well, so I booked some for both of us. I was so excited to be going with her! This year she didn't disappoint - the costumes were amazing, the set list was satisfying and her acrobatics were thrilling. I loved it! So glad I went! I had won some more tickets in addition to the ones I purchased (again from Nova 100), but unfortunately due to my operation, I was too unwell to see Pink a second time this year. She is amazing. If ever you get the chance to see her - do it!!

So those are a few of the gigs I have been to in 2009. The most memorable ones. Other honourable mentions were - Bertie Blackman at the Toff in Town, Bob Evans for Myspace Music and Paul Kelly at the Melbourne Writers Festival.

In 2010 I'm booked for Steve Poltz, The Temper Trap, and Angus and Julia Stone. Long live the live music and I hope in 2010 there will be more of it!

27 December 2009

I had myself a merry little Christmas

It's hard to believe Christmas has been and gone already.

My family and I had a great time. Lots of food, lots of wine, lots of fun.

The big box under the tree was an indoor barbeque. Yay! Since I moved to Melbourne and into an upstairs flat, I have missed having a barbeque. So my parents brought me a stovetop barbeque. So exciting! I also received some money, an apron, some DVDs, a bag and a travel voucher. I am very thankful to everyone who gave me a gift.

Yesterday I went to the Boxing Day sales. I had worked in retail for four years and did four Boxing Days. I always swore never to shop on Boxing Day. Even if it was only in Albury (a much smaller scale than Melbourne). But last year I did it. I queued up for ages to try things on and came away with a Cue jacket for half price. So this year, I braved it again, with two friends. They said that being with me shopping was like having a daughter, as they've both got sons. That made my day! I was disappointed in Myer - their queues were long, and stock was a bit like a jumble sale. And NOT DISCOUNTED ENOUGH!! I did manage to pick up a few $10 singlets from Portmans, a tshirt from Temt and then a beautiful lilac ruffly knee length dress by Sunny Girl and a linen shift dress from Target (both under $40). I had a ball, but was very tired.

And today Mum and I sat around doing NOTHING but watch Rush and Masterchef on DVD and then cooked dinner. It was lovely.

It's Mum's birthday tomorrow. Dad is away on holidays, and we will be having some girls over to celebrate and eat lunch. I can't wait til she opens the present I got her.

Alright bed now. It's great being on holidays! Waiting for a phone call is completing frustrating.... aghhh.

23 December 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I've arrived home to my parents' house. It's about 40 degrees outside, but still much cooler than being in my flat in the same temperature as they have airconditioning and I don't.

So there's a Christmas tree. And presents around the fire place. I may be 28 but when it comes to Christmas, I'm still five years old. Minus the getting up at 6:00 am (I gave that up when I worked long hours before and after Christmas in a department store).

I love giving presents. I love choosing them for the recipients. I love wrapping them all special. And I love giving them and seeing the (hopefully joyous) expressions on the recipients' faces. (And of course I enjoy receiving them too!)

On Christmas day we'll have a beautiful meal. I might make trifle. And on Christmas night we'll go to a friend's house for a party, again with beautiful food. I will wear a pretty dress. Maybe even the new Ladakh dress from Freez. I can't wait!

I don't celebrate Christmas because of religious reasons. I celebrate it because of family and friends and believe gift giving is a sign of my appreciation for them.

Two more sleeps until the fat man in the red suit arrives. So excited! (There is a large present by the fireplace with my name on it!!)

On a serious note, right now I'm thinking about a few friends who have had a difficult time this year with losses of their loved ones. Christmas can be a difficult time for many, and my thoughts and love goes out to my dear friends and others.

Peace and kindness to all x

21 December 2009

I hope not sporadically

As tribute to Brittany Murphy, I'm watching one of my favourite movies ever. Clueless. And I'm proud of it.

I have seen it so many times since 1996.

The soundtrack is awesome.

I call one of my best friends Ambula.

I can recite many lines. Many lines.

'If she doesn't do the assignment I can't do mine.'

'She could be a farmer in those clothes.'

'You are such a superficial space cadet.'

'My surgeon says I have to avoid all activities where balls may fly at my nose.'
'Well there goes your social life.'

'No shit. You guys have Coke here?'
'It's America.'

'Duh it's like a famous quote.'
'from where?'

'What did you do at school today?'
'Well I broke in my purple clogs.'

'Travis Birkenstock, 38 tardies. By far the most tardy in the class.'

'My buns. They don't feel nothing like steel.'

And I love the fashions. Love love love them. Especially the computerised wardrobe.

Rest in peace Brittany Murphy. I won't judge you for a possibly troubled celebrity life and death

I've only seen four of your movies. Maybe five. I didn't know much about you.

But to me you'll always be Tai. Rolling with the homies.

Clueless will be in my heart and on high rotation forever.

'I'll be seeing you.'
'Yeah. I hope not sporadically.'

20 December 2009

Internet places I like.


On this Sunday afternoon, in an attempt to procrastinate cleaning the house before the cleaner comes tomorrow, I want to share with you some of the places I like to visit on the Internet.

Vogue forums

This is a community of fashionably minded people - me included - who discuss all things fashion. Sales. Clothing trends. What they are wearing today. Where to find that fabulous dress Miranda Kerr was wearing. And a bit of other stuff including pop culture, current affairs and food.

My user name is Sqoggle. I don't chat there a lot, but I like to lurk.

I took part in a great Kris Kringle (Secret Santa) on Vogue forums this year and last year. Both times I received something beautiful from anonymous Vogue forum users. Both times I received something from this wonderful Etsy seller, Wiyomu.

This year I received this necklace, but in silver. It's so delicate and special. It's perfect, well chosen from someone who didn't know me at all. Thanks Polly 6034!

Red Dog and Jude

This is a blog by my friend Danielle, who is a graphic designer. She designs books and images for children's clothing and toys. Danielle is very talented and very busy.

Flair to Remember

As mentioned a couple of posts back, Nikki is the creator of Flair to Remember. Nikki has an amazing sense of style, and I do enjoy reading her blog for inspiration.

Vegan Lunchbox

I used to be a regular at Vegan Lunchbox, but not so much recently. Jennifershmoo creates amazing vegan lunches for her son and herself. They are presented so well. Even if you're not vegan, which I am not, you'll find the presentation and inventiveness of her food amazing.

Faux Fuschia

I have only begun reading this blog recently, but I love it! The writing reminds me of a glamourous TV character. Very tongue in cheek, but very serious about style.

Alibi Online and Freez Clothing

I'm not a huge online shopper outside of Ebay. I often buy clothes, books and CDs from Ebay. Recently I bought a fabulous playsuit and Mimco headband from Ebay. I like the buy now option - the bid option makes my heart beat fast. I've not had many bad experiences on Ebay apart from the time I bought seasons one to four of Felicity on DVD and when I received them, they were pirate. I really really wanted them though, and they were relatively cheap, so I wasn't too disheartened, but I don't like supporting piracy.

But the online stores I visit and make purchases from (as opposed to visit and see what I can buy in store - hello Mimco and Sportsgirl have been Alibi Online and Freez Clothing. These have affordable and stylish clothing that are mailed super fast. If you're into fashion, and like things you don't see every day in the shops, try Alibi Online and Freez Clothing.

Well they are just a few of the Internet places I like. Check them out.

The things I ponder #35745

On telling my male friend about the dress I won, I said I've never worn a halter neck, backless dress before, so I'm not sure how to wear it.

He said, deadpan, 'I'm a bloke, and never worn a dress before. But if I had to wear one I'm pretty sure I'll be able to figure it out.'

Bwahahaha :D

And with that I was set straight. I wasn't asking for a formula for world peace. I just wanted to express my bewilderment in wondering how to keep my boobs from falling out of the tie back halter.

19 December 2009

The things I am thankful for

I know my previous two blog posts have been quite sad. Legitimately so, but I want to try to give this blog a positive vibe, while still maintaining honesty.

This week, particularly Thursday, has made me thing about what I am thankful for.


On Thursday 17 December I received news from a friend in the country that my parents' town had been evacuated due to bushfires. I cannot believe the rapid panic that came over me. Even though I spoke to my parents who were not at home when I found out (so they were safe), I was so worried about the dogs being left at home alone, with no means to escape. At that stage, I didn't know the location of the fires, just that they were in the main town. They managed to get home, water the gutters, pack some bags and remain on alert. I heard from them via phone calls and texts, and a few friends called me and kept me up to date via Facebook. But I am 300 km away, and the unpredictability of bushfires meant that even with reassurance of their safety, I was very scared. That Worksafe ad kept on going through my mind, the one with the Dido song. 'I won't sleep, until you're resting here with me'. Fortunately they are all safe. I am so thankful for that. Four houses were lost, countless damaged, and thousands of livestock were killed. But no human life was lost. The NSW Rural Fire Services website currently says the fires are contained and there is now low to moderate risk, residents need to remail vigilant. I am looking forward to getting back with them at Christmas. I really miss them in a time like this.


Last Saturday I had my birthday party at a restaurant called Bopha Devi. It's a Cambodian restaurant. The food was amazing. I love Cambodian and Vietnamese food so much it makes me want to take a food tour in these two countries. I had about 14 friends come, plus my Mum, and it was a fantastic night. At one stage, the whole restuarant, including two other parties, sang me Happy Birthday! I felt very loved, and I am so appreciative to have these great friends. I received many lovely gifts too - they were all very 'me'. Thank you to everyone that came and shared the meal and the fun time. Apart from that dinner, I've caught up with a few other friends over these past two weeks. It's been very social and very lovely.

Uni results

As I mentioned, I'm studying part time for my Masters of Communication. I push myself quite hard and don't strive for anything less than a distinction. I received my final result for last semester on 30 November, but I picked up an assignment on 7 December. While I didn't achieve a distinction in my graphic design subject (something I've never done before but enjoyed a lot and came out of it with a new skill - book binding), I achieved a distinction in my other subject of last semester - Communication and New Technology. I was escpecially pleased with the result for major essay, which was about how new technology allows for mobility and self empowerment. I focused on how the internet and mobile telephony creates identities and communities for people with chronic illnesses. I achieved a high distinction for this, something I was pleased with because it was such a hard subject.

Flair to Remember

Lastly, I was lucky enough to win a beautiful dress from a blog called Flair to Remember. The lovely Nikki teamed up with Freez clothing to give away a dress to a person who described how they let their light shine. I was honoured to be chosen from a selection of great entries. You can view my entry in this blog entry. The dress arrived on Thursday and it is so beautiful. I cannot wait to wear it at Christmas. Thank you so much to Nikki at Flair to Remember and also to Freez clothing for this gorgeous dress. I feel honoured and lucky to have been spoilt.

I had my work Christmas parties yesterday. We went on the tramcar restaurant, but unfortunately it ran out of power so it remained stationary for most of the 'journey'. Oh well, the food was great, and so was the company. This week I've been to FIVE Christmas parties and two morning teas. Phew! I'm exhausted and looking forward to the rest!

Hope you're having a relaxing weekend, not too stressed with the Christmas shopping. Mine's done so now I'm just enjoying the wrapping of the presents.

Talk soon,

Carly :)

18 December 2009

Bushfires in Gerogery

I've been pretty worried since yesterday.

My parents live on the outskirts of a tiny town in country New South Wales, and the town was evacuated due to bushfires.

Mum and Dad are ok - their house and dogs are fine. They are at home, bags packed ready to go if the fire threatens them.

When I found out about the fires, I got hold of Mum and Dad on the phone and they were heading back to their house from work. I was relieved they were ok and not near the fires, but I was so worried about the dogs being home alone and not being able to escape if the fires got close.

It's been hard to know what's going on from 300 km away. The media has been minimal. I've been following the NSW Regional Fire Service feed on Twitter, and seeing friends' status updates on Facebook. I think I'm more worried because I can't do much for my parents.

So I'm so glad my parents and their neighbours are safe. But I am sad for those who lost their houses and animals.

I hope the fires are out soon.

16 December 2009


Man it's a stinker. Not a 'hot one, like seven inches from the midday sun' glamour heat like Rob Thomas sang in the 1999 hit Smooth with Santana. It's just a stinker. And I don't feel so glamourous, like those sunkissed, sun loving models dancing around in the Smooth video clip.

As I said before, my skin doesn't handle the heat. One of the things about ichthyosis is that my body doesn't regulate its temperature. So I generally feel quite cold inside, but hot to the touch, and have a difficult time cooling down. Confusing.

So it's my second blog entry here. And I don't mean to be negative. But I'm going to be honest in this blog. And being honest usually means being realistic about the social and medical challenges of my illness. To an extent of course - there are things about my illness that will stay in my head and in my home.

I went out to get some dinner and escape the heat in my local massive shopping centre. I bought a few extra Christmas presents, and was on the hunt for some silver sandals to wear with my new maxi dress to the work Christmas party. No luck, I hate buying shoes because my feet are really small, and none of them were 'simple' enough except for a pair in gold, BUT I WANTED SILVER. I digress.

So I'm looking at some shoes in a department store. A kid in a trolley was crying, having a tantrum. And then he saw me. He was about three.

He pointed to me, said to his Mum, 'she's horrible'.

His Mum was very embarrassed, very apologetic.

I said to him 'I was born like this, just like you were born with your blue eyes'.

He replied 'you're still horrible'.

His Mum said 'but she's still a nice lady'.


So as the kid said I'm horrible, in quite a loud voice, other shoppers looked at me.

It would have been funny if it wasn't so awkward.

So now I'm going to sound like a condescending, holier than thou bitch, but I will say it anyway.

If you think you've had a fat day/bad hair day/your boyfriend wanted to stay home and play Playstation instead of watching the Notebook with you...well get some perspective. I was bloody well called horrible by some kid, and stared at by countless others.

I can't really explain what it feels like to be stared at because you're different. It probably feels worse than being stared at because you're beautiful. I hate the feeling of knowing people are scared of me, shocked, confronted, surprised and judgemental. Sometimes I just want to be stared at because someone think's I'm beauituful.

I promise my next blog entry will be more positive. But it felt good to vent :)

Look out world!


My name is Carly and I've decided to start a Blogspot blog. I've had a few blogs over the years, including a Myspace one which I may transfer entries from when I feel motivated enough to do so.

This blog will be a way to keep up my writing. It may be frivolous, irrelevant, full of varied topics, serious, funny and sad. There may be photos.

A little about me:

I live in Melbourne, Australia, but grew up in country New South Wales, Australia. I prefer Melbourne.

I work full time for the government as an events planner/communicator/executive assistant/tea lady/provider of workplace fun. I like my job. A lot.

I also study part time. I'm doing a Master of Communication. It's very interesting and I'm always keen to learn more in each subject. Right now I have two subjects to do. My interest areas are literary journalism, and new media. I recently did an essay on how new media helps people with chornic illnesses to communicate, form communities and develop identities. Maybe I'll expand on that for my thesis.

The other (serious) activity that takes up my time is mentoring for a program for young people with chronic illnesses, run by the Children's Hospital. I love this more than you could imagine. It is so rewarding to help these young people develop confidence, friendships, lifeskills and leadership skills. And in doing so, I've developed confidence, friendship, lifeskills and leadership skills. You can find out more about this fantastic program on the Chronic Illness Peer Support (ChIPS) website.

You may ask how I got involved with ChIPS. I have a chronic illness. Maybe a disability, but I prefer not to call it that. My illness is called ichthyosis form erythroderma. It means scaly red skin. It's not just a bit of eczema on the back of my knee. It can make me very unwell, very sore, sometimes a bit miserable. There are social and medical challenges associated with it. But I am not dying from it, and I generally have a positive attitude about it. I will be likely to talk about throughout this blog.

I also like, probably in the following order:
  • listening to music and seeing bands
  • shopping, clothes and accessories
  • cooking and eating
  • cheese
  • writing
  • the TV shows Rush, Love My Way, Secret Life of Us, Felicity
  • media - quality journalism, websites, blogs, social media
  • making things - like jewellery, books, papercrafts

Right now it's about 40 degrees. My skin doesn't cope well with the heat. So I'm going to watch the news and then head off to the shopping centre for some icecream, free airconditioning and hopefully-not-too-expensive purchases.

Talk to you soon.

Carly :)


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