18 December 2009

Bushfires in Gerogery

I've been pretty worried since yesterday.

My parents live on the outskirts of a tiny town in country New South Wales, and the town was evacuated due to bushfires.

Mum and Dad are ok - their house and dogs are fine. They are at home, bags packed ready to go if the fire threatens them.

When I found out about the fires, I got hold of Mum and Dad on the phone and they were heading back to their house from work. I was relieved they were ok and not near the fires, but I was so worried about the dogs being home alone and not being able to escape if the fires got close.

It's been hard to know what's going on from 300 km away. The media has been minimal. I've been following the NSW Regional Fire Service feed on Twitter, and seeing friends' status updates on Facebook. I think I'm more worried because I can't do much for my parents.

So I'm so glad my parents and their neighbours are safe. But I am sad for those who lost their houses and animals.

I hope the fires are out soon.

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