23 December 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I've arrived home to my parents' house. It's about 40 degrees outside, but still much cooler than being in my flat in the same temperature as they have airconditioning and I don't.

So there's a Christmas tree. And presents around the fire place. I may be 28 but when it comes to Christmas, I'm still five years old. Minus the getting up at 6:00 am (I gave that up when I worked long hours before and after Christmas in a department store).

I love giving presents. I love choosing them for the recipients. I love wrapping them all special. And I love giving them and seeing the (hopefully joyous) expressions on the recipients' faces. (And of course I enjoy receiving them too!)

On Christmas day we'll have a beautiful meal. I might make trifle. And on Christmas night we'll go to a friend's house for a party, again with beautiful food. I will wear a pretty dress. Maybe even the new Ladakh dress from Freez. I can't wait!

I don't celebrate Christmas because of religious reasons. I celebrate it because of family and friends and believe gift giving is a sign of my appreciation for them.

Two more sleeps until the fat man in the red suit arrives. So excited! (There is a large present by the fireplace with my name on it!!)

On a serious note, right now I'm thinking about a few friends who have had a difficult time this year with losses of their loved ones. Christmas can be a difficult time for many, and my thoughts and love goes out to my dear friends and others.

Peace and kindness to all x

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