27 December 2009

I had myself a merry little Christmas

It's hard to believe Christmas has been and gone already.

My family and I had a great time. Lots of food, lots of wine, lots of fun.

The big box under the tree was an indoor barbeque. Yay! Since I moved to Melbourne and into an upstairs flat, I have missed having a barbeque. So my parents brought me a stovetop barbeque. So exciting! I also received some money, an apron, some DVDs, a bag and a travel voucher. I am very thankful to everyone who gave me a gift.

Yesterday I went to the Boxing Day sales. I had worked in retail for four years and did four Boxing Days. I always swore never to shop on Boxing Day. Even if it was only in Albury (a much smaller scale than Melbourne). But last year I did it. I queued up for ages to try things on and came away with a Cue jacket for half price. So this year, I braved it again, with two friends. They said that being with me shopping was like having a daughter, as they've both got sons. That made my day! I was disappointed in Myer - their queues were long, and stock was a bit like a jumble sale. And NOT DISCOUNTED ENOUGH!! I did manage to pick up a few $10 singlets from Portmans, a tshirt from Temt and then a beautiful lilac ruffly knee length dress by Sunny Girl and a linen shift dress from Target (both under $40). I had a ball, but was very tired.

And today Mum and I sat around doing NOTHING but watch Rush and Masterchef on DVD and then cooked dinner. It was lovely.

It's Mum's birthday tomorrow. Dad is away on holidays, and we will be having some girls over to celebrate and eat lunch. I can't wait til she opens the present I got her.

Alright bed now. It's great being on holidays! Waiting for a phone call is completing frustrating.... aghhh.


  1. So glad to read that you've had a nice Christmas! You are a brave, brave girl, going anywhere near the shops on boxing day!!

    Hope that phone call has come xx

  2. yes i found portmans great with their discounts

    you sound like your having a lovely time, very relaxing, this is my 2nd year not working over christmas after being in retail for 5 years, how good is it LOL

  3. Caf - I loved it at the sales! such a rush. but granted, it's Albury which is about 10million times smaller than Melbourne. I think I may go again tomorrow.

    Are you feeling better? Sorry to hear you've been sick over the holiday.

    Miss Jade - I want to check out Portmans in Melbourne - Albury had a smmall amount of stock, and some of it was dated. I am impressed with the revamp of Portmans. I got a great sequinned tank top for $20 a few months ago.

    Happy shopping!

  4. hi thanks for a lovely day. You made my birthday very special. love mum


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