20 December 2009

The things I ponder #35745

On telling my male friend about the dress I won, I said I've never worn a halter neck, backless dress before, so I'm not sure how to wear it.

He said, deadpan, 'I'm a bloke, and never worn a dress before. But if I had to wear one I'm pretty sure I'll be able to figure it out.'

Bwahahaha :D

And with that I was set straight. I wasn't asking for a formula for world peace. I just wanted to express my bewilderment in wondering how to keep my boobs from falling out of the tie back halter.


  1. You always make me laugh! Too funny! Oh, and YAY to joining the blogspot blogging world. I could never access your previous one without signing up to my space - yes I know. I could be the ONLY person in the world who blogs, but does not do the facebook/my space thing! Anyway, I am looking forward to reading along now! Have a fabulous Christmas and I hope the fire season is a quite one for everyone this year. x

  2. Hey Dan, so glad you found me! I am glad that you can finally access my blog.

    One day I will transfer some of my fave blog posts from myspace to here - maybe on the Christmas holidays?

    You have a great Christmas and seaside break too!

  3. Thanks for mentioning Faux Fuchsia Style! Glad I give you a giggle x


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