29 December 2009

Eternal characters

Mum and I and two other friends went to see Did You Hear About the Morgans? today.

Before the film, I was pulled over by the police for a random breath test. Now, I may be mistaken, but they do breath tests differently in NSW. Last time I had a breath test was in June 2009 before the Steve Poltz concert. I had to blow hard into a straw. Today I was told to count to ten. I was wondering why they didn't replace the straw from the previous driver. I didn't want to catch the previous driver's herpes. I disregarded the policeman's instructions to count to ten and tried to blow into the non existent straw. Man I felt dumb! There was no straw. I really did just have to talk into the breath test unit. He must have thought I was a complete bimbo. Hahahah - Mum and I are still laughing at my blowing!

I digress. This isn't a blog entry about my stupidity. There are plenty more stories of stupidity to tell you - like the time I asked, in my graphic design class, whether there is white printer ink! Uh Oh. FYI - there is no white printer ink in smaller home printers, but there can be for speciality commercial printers, and it's very excpensive. And FYI - I asked the stupid questions because the teacher said black ink on black paper is a great technique.

I digress again.

I want to tell you my thoughts on the film we saw today. Did You Hear About the Morgans?. It starred Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant. It was funny, and a little bit heartwarming, but no Notting Hill or Love Actually. it was a good escape from the world. From my lack of phone call from that boy. And before you ask, yes he finally called. I digress yet again.

While I was watching it, I couldn't stop thinking about how Sarah Jessica Parker cannot escape being Carrie Bradshaw.

The style/love of clothes. There was a moment in the movie where her character, Meryl, was packing for witness protection, and she didn't know what to pack so she asked the police woman whether she could pack a pretty dress. There was the Carrie Bradshaw squeal. The love for New York/city life. The mature yet cutesy successful career woman. She is, in my opinion, going to be playing an eternal character. She will always be Carrie Bradshaw. SJP needs to play some character with a prosthetic nose and no make up and a rough heart for her to convince me she's no longer Carrie Bradshaw.

Think Mariah Carey in this new movie - Precious.

Or Cate Blanchett in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. She was an old lady and a young girl. Or in the film Heaven with Giovanni Ribisi, where she shaved her head.

There's Hilary Swank in Boys Don't Cry - she transformed herself into a man.

Fabulous cases of actors NOT playing eternal characters.

I can think of two other actors who are set in my mind as eternal characters:

Kate Ritchie - she played Sally Fletcher in Home and Away, and has since been in Underbelly and on the radio.

I keep picturing her as a little girl, looking for Milko. Even when she was rough on Underbelly.

And my favourite, Keri Russell - she played Felicity, and has since been in August Rush and The Waitress.

I love the TV series Felicity more than you could ever know. I bought the four season DVD set on Ebay and watched it all in three weeks last winter. I loved loved loved it. I cried at the end. I was frustrated she went with Noel not Ben. I loved Meghan. But when I watched The Waitress, I expected her to say 'Dear Sally', or have a conundrum about Ben or Noel (FYI - I was a Ben girl, all the way!). She couldn't shake Felicity.

Eternal characters!

Do something different, actors! Push yourself. Step away from the mould. You get paid enough to!


  1. oh how i love your blogs, they do bring me down memory lane, im so now going to go out and buy the felicity seasons LOL

    I a watching sex n the city again from the start rigbht now, and you are so right i only see sjp as carrie...i also find this with jennifer anniston being rachael from friends.

  2. Loving your blog!
    Had to laugh at your story about the breath test - same thing happened to my sister last month. The cop told her 'count to ten'. She looked at him in puzzlement and said, 'how do I count to ten and blow into the straw at the same time?' He cracked up :D

  3. LOL!! I didn't know the breathtesting had changed, I'd probably do the same thing :D

  4. Thanks miss jade! Glad I could make you nostalgic. Last summer I watched all satc seasons and came to dislike Carrie.

    Caf and kittycate - yes it's strange! On the ads the police say blow. But counting really baffled me.

  5. God, I love Felicity. So bummed you can't get it on dvd here- will have to try ebay as well.


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