21 December 2009

I hope not sporadically

As tribute to Brittany Murphy, I'm watching one of my favourite movies ever. Clueless. And I'm proud of it.

I have seen it so many times since 1996.

The soundtrack is awesome.

I call one of my best friends Ambula.

I can recite many lines. Many lines.

'If she doesn't do the assignment I can't do mine.'

'She could be a farmer in those clothes.'

'You are such a superficial space cadet.'

'My surgeon says I have to avoid all activities where balls may fly at my nose.'
'Well there goes your social life.'

'No shit. You guys have Coke here?'
'It's America.'

'Duh it's like a famous quote.'
'from where?'

'What did you do at school today?'
'Well I broke in my purple clogs.'

'Travis Birkenstock, 38 tardies. By far the most tardy in the class.'

'My buns. They don't feel nothing like steel.'

And I love the fashions. Love love love them. Especially the computerised wardrobe.

Rest in peace Brittany Murphy. I won't judge you for a possibly troubled celebrity life and death

I've only seen four of your movies. Maybe five. I didn't know much about you.

But to me you'll always be Tai. Rolling with the homies.

Clueless will be in my heart and on high rotation forever.

'I'll be seeing you.'
'Yeah. I hope not sporadically.'


  1. I still love Clueless too :)

    The quote that's always first to mind: "Like, right now, for example, the Haitians need to come to America..." Love it!

  2. 'And in conclusion may I please remind you it does not say R.S.V.P. on the Statue of Liberty!'

    The Haitians quote is my most memorable too!


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