30 September 2010

Please help me become a SEEK A-List ARIAs Party Patroller

It's been my dream to go to an ARIA award ceremony. Ok, so I am living in the past, I admit. It WAS my dream in 1997 and 1998 to go to an ARIA award ceremony because of Savage Garden's phenomenal success.

1997. 13 nominations and 10 wins! And a surprise haircut.
1998 ARIAs - the year of the bad shirts and significantly less wins.

My taste in music has changed from fully commercial to sometimes commercial, and subsequently, I have not been excited about the ARIAs since about 2003. When Darren Hayes performed Lost Without You for Delta Goodrem.

Oh and I loved 2005's awards because in that year Missy Higgins jumped on David Hasselhof.

But this year, it's my dream again because I am so excited about the quality of the nominees.

Angus and Julia Stone. Birds of Tokyo. Megan Washington. Sia. Basement Birds. Hurrah!

I entered a competition to be a Seek A-List ARIAS party patroller. A foray into rock journalism! One of my dreams.

I would be thrilled if Birds of Tokyo would let me show them my sudsy-shower-rendition of their beautiful song Plans. Or if Julia Stone and I could talk dress shopping. Or if I could simply be in the presence of the coolest chicks around, Sia and Megan Washington (coincidentally, the same names as two good friends of mine!). If Darren Hayes is there too, I'd shriek and faint, in true and historic Savage Garden fanship.

This is what I could win:

  • Access to the red carpet, the awards ceremony and official after party at the 2010 ARIA Awards
  • Work with the ARIA's PR team on the red carpet so you can prepare your report about the event
  • Professional media training prior to the event
  • On-air session with Ryan, Monty and Whippa on NOVA
  • Your exclusive video report on the ARIAs will be played on the SEEK A-List Party Patroller website
  • $1,000 pay-check for working at the event
  • $1,000 grooming and styling make-over
  • Plus to make your job so much easier we'll provide:
  • Travel & accommodation to the ARIA awards in Sydney
    and to NOVA in Melbourne
Please help me out by visiting my profile page and clicking 'like' through your Facebook account. If I get enough votes, I may progress to the finalist round, and then hopefully become a party patroller at the ARIAs.

Your support is much appreciated!

Thank you :)

29 September 2010

An open letter to Evan at the Apple store, Doncaster

So as mentioned, I went to the Apple store this morning to have my iPhone replaced. I hauled ass to Doncaster - I don't quote Clueless lightly - when I say I hauled ass, I mean it. I had to forfeit a lie in past 8.30 am on my holiday and drive down the Eastern and navigate through a shopping centre I've barely orienteered before. It is school holidays, the peak of staring season, and children's eyeballs (and screeches of me being sunburnt) pierced me everywhere I walked. That alone is tiring.

When I arrived at the Apple store, slightly sore from the walk through (my skin is not yet feeling great), regretting my matching underwear purchase from Big W (the undies did not look comfortable - I later returned them, citing 'major impulse buy' as my reason for return') and hungry (I yearned for some Salsa's Mex Grill action) I realised that everyone working there was so much cooler than me.

As I was checked in and waited in line, I was greeted by the nicest sales person ever. Evan.

I'm not a huge fan of sales people - purely because I encounter too many rude/unattentive/pushy ones. I used to be a checkout/sales floor chick in a large department store, and I believe if I am not given the same level of service that I gave back in the day, it's not good enough. I choose to use the self-serve check out in the supermarket because I'd rather not be greeted by a person who doesn't smile and packs my washing powder in with my meat. I feel invisible in some stores because I don't fit the pretty girl mould. That said, there are numerous sales people that I have been highly impressed with and regularly return to the stores they work at.

Evan was amazing. He remembered me from last time when my iPhone screen was smashed and I was inaudible to callers because of the skin/vaseline issue. Last time he recommended some plugs for the power and earphone ports (I bought them) and today he asked me whether they did the right job. I said no, and he recommended I try the Otta case which makes the iPhone water tight. I will browse the internet tonight in search of an Otter. Baby otters are so cute. And finally I can have one.

Otta, I mean.

Evan wasn't grossed out by my oily, skinny iPhone issue. He was compassionate, empathetic and as professional as a doctor, despite working as an Apple Genius. On the Julia Zemiro scoring system, I award 100 million points to Evan, just for this!

It is not often my 'special needs' are considered when I make a purchase or accept hospitality. Just recently at the Powderfinger concert, I had to speak with three people to make a decision about whether the cap could be left on my water bottle so I didn't lose any water from it as I bounced around the moshpit. They told me it was dangerous for me to have a cap on my bottle - it could be used as a weapon. I told them that I doubt I'd be using it as a weapon when all I want to do is keep hydrated. I won the argument. I kept the cap. (Note to self - must take spare bottle cap to next concert at Rod Laver Arena.)


My iPhone was seen to by another Genius and replaced straight away. It's restored and working fine - I have received three calls on it today and no complaints about me being too far away.

I also took my MacBook in to be looked at - the sticky keys are becoming a problem. I believe it's also due to the vaseline/skin issue, despite a silicone cover and regular brushing and wiping. Evan booked me in to see a Mac Genius on the spot, and after a short wait, he came back to talk to me about the problems I'm having with it. The wait was nice because all I did was stare at my wallpaper, which is Callan Mulvey and I on that fine day. Gosh he is a glorious man. It's not often I stare at him for 20 minutes.

I digress. (But don't you agree, Callan is fine?!)

Evan told me my MacBook would need to be left behind for a service and repair and this would take three to five days. I am going away soon, not returning for over a week. And so I asked whether I can book it in for repair when I return. He arranged for this.

The second lot of 100 million points I award to him is for laughing at my email address. Itchy_81. Often when I tell people this, particularly over the phone, I can hear them thinking 'ummm okkkkaaaaay' as though I am making reference to a nasty skin condition that I probably shouldn't mention. But I guess because Evan understood my situation, and was compassionate towards it, he saw the humour in my email address.

Ok, so I know Evan was just doing his job. I didn't get any special treatment - he was fabulous to all the customers he saw. But his compassion and attention and humour, and just damn good customer service made my day.

Thank you Evan at Apple Doncaster. You put a smile on my face today. A thousand million points to you for your brilliant customer service.

EDIT: Otta case for iPhone ordered :) Unfortunately it does not look like this :(

And the Cadbury winner is...


Malady's response to my question why are you in love with chocolate? was:
Mr. Cadbury has been the most faithful man in my life, and thats why I love him. He is always happy to come to bed with me, doesn't mind when all I want to do there is read a good book, and never grunts or farts or steals the doona. Mr. Cadbury never tells me that its too late and I should turn the light out. And if I decide that I'm going to sleep before the block is done, Mr. Cadbury never complains that I haven't finished him off. He just quietly slips back into his box and waits until I'm ready to see him again.
I loved this response. Malady will win $50 of Cadbury chocolate. Maladay, please email me or post a comment with your email address - I need to get your chocolate to you soon!

Thank you to all who entered :)

28 September 2010

Three things that made me laugh today

I don't have Foxtel, but while watching Packed to the Rafters and talking on the phone, Twitter was keeping me updated about the Australia's Next Top Model shamblado.

Live TV at its best!

I also read this funny line on a friend's Facebook:
Half fun. Half cool. Half not good with fractions.
This COMPLETELY relates to me. Seriously not good with fractions!

And I took this photo in my local deli:
I am NOT a football fan, and quite disappointed that we have to have a football grandfinal replay, but I laughed at this giveaway!

What made you laugh today?

27 September 2010

That I would be good

I've written about this here before. My blog is like my personal brand. I try my hardest to be myself, but I also self censor because I want people who read it to get a good impression of me. Namely potential employers, family and potential boys. I am careful about not blogging too much about work, or volunteer work at the hospital, or my (lack of) love life. Even if these real and self imposed restraints weren't there, I think I'd always self censor.

My blog has become a little impersonal over the last week or so. I wrote a long entry about a boy, then edited it due to him not actually running me down in a public place, and I didn't think the caring comments I received supporting me were fair on him. Plus I was published on Mamamia and I didn't want visitors to think I was a sappy, lovesick girl. I've been stressed (and progressing of sorts) in other areas of life, but have refrained from venting, instead filling this blog with songs that I enjoy and small snippets that don't give away much to the reader, but mean a lot to me.

Right now I am on a 2.5 week break from work. I have plans to be productive. I NEED to be productive. But currently I am lying on my bed, in clean pyjamas, writing things that I need to say. It may seem a bit ambiguous, and quotes paraphrased, though. Again, always the need to self censor… And again, an Alanis Morissette song title fits. She is versatile, and relevant.

At this moment, I feel like I am always going to be good, but never good enough. I came to this conclusion in the shower after I was thinking about some of the crappy (and happy) things over these past few weeks.

My life's going along pretty damn well. Truthfully, 2010 may well be the best year of my time in Melbourne. I have achieved SO MUCH. I've achieved one of my life-long dreams - to become a paid writer. I've set goals. Saved money. Built networks. Made some awesome new friends. Become a TV presenter. Am toying with the idea of becoming a motivational speaker. Life's great!

But things are missing. And that's when I get the feeling that I'm destined to be good but never good enough in some areas. And I don't think I can deal with any more rejection!

I love my 9-5 job. I think I'm quite good at it. Others do too. It is challenging but rewarding. I get a lot of satisfaction from it, intrinsic rewards and am recognised and valued by the people I want to be recognised and valued by. Recently I was chosen to give a presentation at an important meeting. I was one of the most junior staff there, and certainly the most junior presenter at the meeting. But I was so honoured to be chosen to speak about my role and its importance to the organisation and its importance to me. This is an example of me knowing my worth. That I am good, and good enough.

Last week at filming, I had three people approach me to tell me what a difference my panel discussion made to them. That what I had to say was good. This was lovely. And in the past 12 hours, I've received two emails from strangers telling me they have read this blog and my stories have made a difference to them or family members suffering with ichthyosis.

It's nice to receive praise. I know life isn't always about praise, but I do my damned hardest to do a good job in everything I take on, without expecting praise, but always honoured when I receive it.

I have recently applied for promotions. For the experience of applying, and also because I think I have the skills to do these jobs. I have had semi success with one - found suitable and may be called upon - but no luck with the others. That is ok, these things take time. The feedback I've been given is that I need to develop my skills more. Get more experience. How can I do this when I am already getting lots of experience at work, and so much more in life outside of work? Here, I can't help feeling like I'm good, but not good enough. And how much will it take for me to become good enough? How much will I have to push myself before I run myself down and get sick?

Something else I've had on my mind recently is not feeling valued in another area of my life. 'We think you're a great asset to the program, but want to give others a chance too'. I am pretty disappointed by this, given the amount of time and personal experience I share. This is a really vague example, but I don't feel I can write the actual situation at this time. Ok, so I have not been chosen to be a volunteer at camp. While it's apparently not a personal reflection on me or my actions, it doesn't mean that I took the decision any less personally.

Lastly, there's the 'I think you're wonderful, the best thing in my life, but I just want to be friends' thing. Fuck! (Or, no fucking, as in this case.) When will I be good enough to be someone's girl? When will my love, personality, humour and commitment be enough? When will I be more than 'beautiful', but desired, too?

2010 is a great year. I know I will get past these small hurdles. Small hurdles always seem huge when fantastic things are happening in life.

These past five weeks have possibly been the most emotionally challenging weeks of my year. They've also been physically challenging - I've been so sore to the point of not being able to have blankets on me comfortably. I have opened up to someone like I've not done in a while - really putting myself out there. It's not often I am sad, but I've been pretty sad and disappointed about things recently. Maybe there are more challenging days or weeks to come. I know there are a few days I am looking forward to but also viewing with trepidation. I'll have to take the days as they come, I guess. I am the queen of wanting things to run smoothly, and that comes from being an events planner, so I'm going to have to prepare myself for more hurdles, but hopefully happiness.

I also have to remember that I am GREAT at many areas of life, and good at others. I want to be the best at everything though.

iSkin and iPhones :/ - an open letter to Steve Jobs

My life is a haze (slippery slope?) of vaseline and dead skin. That's the reality of it. Icky to the non acquainted/OCD type. But that's my life.

My life is also jam packed with Apple products. Ok maybe not jam packed, but most of my technology needs are satisfied by Steve Jobs. I have an iPhone, iPod Touch and MacBook Pro. I am madly in love with the latter two. They are beautiful. And functional. More so beautiful. Actually my T key is a little sticky on my MacBook Pro, and I am unable to do eTax on it, so a little irritation has crept into my love.

My iPod Touch is the most wonderful music player I have ever had. I dreamed of playing four hours of Savage Garden when I was 15, and now I can do this. Last year I had an operation, and during the pre-op check up, I needed to give a wee sample. Who knew the iPhone Touch could assist me with this?! I downloaded the Shy Bladder app a few months earlier, in jest really. I thought it would be as much use as the cigarette lighter flame app I downloaded (zero use). When my wee didn't flow naturally, I returned to my doctor's room, grabbed my iPod and headphones and took them back to the toilet, assuring the doctor I'd explain when I returned. After a bit of waterfall sound effects through my Sennheisers (and pleased that I wasn't wasting water when our dams were at their lowest), my wee flowed. And when I returned to the doctor's room, I explained the need for my iPod in the toilet and he laughed and laughed. Ingenious.

But the iPhone is not the best thing to come into my life like others believe theirs to be.

I vowed not to be one of those who succumbed to an iPhone. I really only need a phone to make calls and take the occasional (crummy) photo. But last September, about a year ago actually, I lost my phone (a basic Nokia) in a taxi on the way to ChIPS camp. Optus had previously stuffed up my account whereby they didn't sign me up to the plan I believed I was on, and so I was credited about $700, so when it came to replacing my phone, I thought, what the hell, I'll get an iPhone because I won't have to pay a bill for a while. And I didn't - it's only been since about June this year that I have started paying my mobile bills again. When I bought it, it was pretty good - like no other phone I had. I didn't have my MacBook Pro then, so it was a handy portable device. But then things went awry.

I have had three iPhones in a year. Soon to be four.

My skin and vaseline don't mix with the iPhone. The first iPhone was replaced because the microphone failed. No one could hear me on the phone. I could hear them though. The speaker component also suffers - my ring tone and alarm are bearly audible.

I believe it is due to skin and vaseline blocking the microphone/speaker, despite my vigilant cleaning with a dry toothbrush (sometimes I do this while waiting at the train station and people freak out - RELAX - the toothbrush has NEVER been wet or in my mouth!).

The second iPhone smashed when it was dropped. I waited six weeks to get a replacement through home and contents insurance. My beautiful looking iPhone became like this ugly witchy Barbie doll I once got as a part of a Snow White and Wicked Stepmother set, aged four. I couldn't bear to look at the smashed screen, it reminded me of this Barbie doll. And black glass bits kept of flaking off, leaving a sticky residue. It was usable - I could make calls, check emails and Facebook, but there was also the problem of the microphone and my skin.

This current iPhone has lasted since May. People have complained they cannot hear me when I call them. So on Wednesday it is back to the Apple store where I hope to get another replacement.

Despite using a cover and little plugs in the power bit, my iPhone is not ichthyosis friendly.

Steve Jobs - you have enough money and compassion to design one where the microphone is protected from my skin and vaseline. If you are reading this and got all the way through it, I thank you, and hope you will understand the skin and vaseline issue is not due to me kinkily using my iPhone.

Steve Jobs, I challenge you to consider redesigning the iPhone to make it more accessible for me. I don't want to have to be constantly replacing my phone.

Thank you.

26 September 2010

Music I've been missing - Bob Evans, Someone so much

What a beautiful song. I love Bob Evans and his music. Maybe not so much that it hurts, but I do immerse myself in his music and lyrics to the point of feeling wonderful, nostalgic, romantic and heartbroken all at once.

This song, Someone so much, is the music I've been missing. Well, maybe the song I can relate to the most at this point in time.

Maybe it is a flaw that I have the capacity to love someone too easily. When I love someone so much it hurts. And they may not love me in the same way as I love them. It hasn't happened often, but it's happened to give me a spectrum of emotions and confusion. Destined to be a friend not a lover, I guess.

I love this song and one day I hope it applies to a love I feel that is not just one sided.

Here is the backstory behind the clip.

Lyrically it's gorgeous. Like all songs on the Goodnight Bull Creek album.

'I stayed up all night thinking of ways to tell you that my whole life I've been waiting for you'.


23 September 2010


In Target:
'Hi Carly. I know you from the internet'.
Wow! I am famous.
Great to meet you Jazpearl! :)

20 September 2010

Music I'm looking forward to: Kings of Leon - Come Around Sundown

Caleb Followill = HOT. His voice. His beard. His body.

Kings of Leon have a new song - Radioactive. I am enjoying this song a lot, and tonight is the first time I have seen its video clip, and I love it too!

I like the gospel choir in the background. Though I hate summer, this clip makes me want to frolic in the evening sun in a flimsy dress sipping cocktails.

Come Around Sundown is out on 16 October. I am excited!

19 September 2010

Angus and Julia Stone - I believe in love

I found that beautiful new Angus and Julia Stone song I wrote about in the concerts review last week. The one Julia wrote and sang about losing her love to an affair.

And From Go to Woah has an audio of it too.

What a powerful song. Enjoy.

i learnt my lesson,
nobody is to blame, except for you
well i learned my lesson,
where are we trying to hide
doing the best we can, in order to survive

some of us keep it simple
and some of us will deceive
we tell heartfelt stories
so we can take the things we need

some of our efforts are colourful
and some people they lose
and some people live in the shadows
so they never have to choose

you spread your darkness
like a disease
then you offered your body
as the only remedy

I believe in love
I believe in love
no darling you cant take that away from me

I believe in love
I believe in love
no darling you cant take that away from me

well you had her by the throat
you had me by the horns
you had her in the same bed
while it was still warm

well my hair still on the pillow
my music was still in the air
you didnt care, to tell her
why i had been there

well my nails still on your pillow
my clothes still on the floor
you didnt care no darling
oh how we always want more

you knew that she was scared
but you took her anyway
you told her she was everything
then you had your way

and she told you that she loved you
you told her you were tired
the things we say...
once we've got what we desire

I believe in love
I believe in love
no darling you cant take that away from me

I believe in love
I believe in love
no darling you cant take that away from me

i learnt my lesson
nobody is to blame
..except for you

18 September 2010

What I wore for filming

I have had a very long day filming for No Limits. It was fun. But I am tired.

Here is what I wore today.

I love this outfit! It is a perfect mix of spring colours and prints with wintry comfort. Great for Melbourne's current weather!

This chair was very high and very awkward. I had a dirty cow between my legs!
Dirty cow. See.

I didn't get makeup done, but I had my hair braided! ♥

Lots of breaks between filming meant lots of fun times waiting around, and so mucking around!

♥ Jacket and skirt by Sportsgirl
♥ Jumper by Glassons
♥ Tshirt by Jeanswest
♥ Woolen tights by Kmart
♥ Shoes by Wittner
♥ Hairclip by Mimco
♥ Necklace from friend for 21st birthday
♥ Laughter by Carly♥

Don't forget to check out my feature on Mamamia!

17 September 2010

My feature on Mia Freedman's website

I told you something exciting was going to happen.

And today it has!

I have been featured and published on Mia Freedman's blog, Mamamia.

The article was originally written for DiVine. Mia Freedman assisted me with finding a contact for the article, and she read the finished article and asked me if she could reproduce it in an edited form on her blog.

For those of you who are not aware, Mia used to be an editor for Cosmopolitan magazine, and now writes for Fairfax and is a member of the National Body Image Advisory Group in Australia.

I am really proud of this article, especially for it to have received such prolific coverage.

You can see me on Mamamia here.

Thanks for reading!

16 September 2010

On lost love/like

I had a large blog entry here, but I felt guilty for publishing it. I probably don't need to tell the world everything. It's not fair to.

So all I'll leave you with this this edited version... (Thanks for your comments, I have chosen not to publish them. It is nice to know you all care.)
'The hardest thing that I could do is to watch you walk away and know that you won't turn back...' ~ Genevieve Maynard - Pillar of Salt

15 September 2010

Who's gonna ride your wild horses?

I got a $40 ticket to U2. I will be sitting in the sky.

And the first two verses of this, my favourite U2 song, relates to the way I feel right now like you will never believe.


And drinking on a school night. More to come (when I am not drinking on a school night). I want to articulate things better. But right now I can't. (And it's not because of the $10 Cab Sav, it is more than that...but it is very difficult to type a coherent blog post...)

So just watch the Youtube. Cos Youtube killed the video star. Or whatever.

I really liked him. Loved him even. Love.

You're dangerous 'cause you're honest
You're dangerous, you don't know what you want
Well you left my heart empty as a vacant lot
For any spirit to haunt

Hey hey sha la la
Hey hey

You're an accident waiting to happen
You're a piece of glass left in a beach
Well, you tell me things I know you're not supposed to
Then you leave me just out of reach

Hey hey sha la la
Hey hey sha la la

Who's gonna ride your wild horses?
Who's gonna drown in your blue sea?
Who's gonna ride your wild horses?
Who's gonna fall at the foot of thee?

Well you stole it 'cause I needed the cash
And you killed it 'cause I wanted revenge
Well you lied to me 'cause I asked you to
Baby, can we still be friends?

Hey hey sha la la
Hey hey sha la la

Who's gonna ride your wild horses?
Who's gonna drown in your blue sea?
Who's gonna ride your wild horses?
Who's gonna fall at the foot of thee?

Oh, the deeper I spin
Oh, the hunter will sin for your ivory skin
Took a drive in the dirty rain
To a place where the wind calls your name
Under the trees the river laughing at you and me
Hallelujah, heavens white rose
The doors you open
I just can't close

Don't turn around, don't turn around again
Don't turn around, your gypsy heart
Don't turn around, don't turn around again
Don't turn around, and don't look back
Come on now love, don't you look back!

Who's gonna ride your wild horses?
Who's gonna drown in your blue sea?
Who's gonna taste your salt water kisses?
Who's gonna take the place of me?

Who's gonna ride your wild horses?
Who's gonna tame the heart of thee?

12 September 2010

Angus and Julia Stone concerts

Angus and Julia Stone concerts
The Palais, St Kilda
9 and 10 September 2010

In the spirit of being dedicated to bands close to my heart, I saw Angus and Julia Stone twice last week.

I went with my friend Elvira the first night and a friend from work and her family on the second night.

Here is Elvira and I before the show on Thursday.

And here I am. I am very happy with this picture. And I am loving the blue top too - I bought it earlier in the week from Sportsgirl and wore it to work and also to the Powderfinger concert last night.
I admit, we were a bit bored during the support acts. I usually pay a lot of attention to the support acts, but these two did not excite us. So El and I took a lot of photos before Angus and Julia came on stage.

When they finally did come on stage, it was magic. And I remembered why I feel in love with their music four years ago. Honest, devastating lyrics that I can relate to, beautiful voices that complement each other so well, and a fantastic array of instruments.

The show opened with the two of them alone, in front of the curtain, doing an acoustic version of Santa Monica Dream. I adore this song. 'You're somewhere, I'm somewhere, I could go there but I don't...'. They proved they don't need a backing band to sound brilliant. The acoustic set continued with Bella, and midway through the song, the curtain was raised to reveal a beautiful set and the full band. It was amazing!

My favourite song was next. For You. 'I'll tell you what you already know. If you love me with all of your heart, if you love me I'll make you a star in my universe...'. It was amazing, and I had tears in my eyes seeing it live.

They played many great songs - some from Down the Way, others from A Book Like This, three covers and some new songs too. A highlight was Julia doing a song from her solo album The Memory Machine. The song was called Where does the Love Go and featured a shy Angus on trumpet.

Paul Kelly was also a highlight. He came on stage after Angus said he was a nice friend of theirs, and a good ping-pong player. They did a beautiful version of Crowded House's Four Seasons in One Day. I love Crowded House and they truly did the song justice.

My other favourite part was when And the Boys was sung, and gold really fell from the ceiling.

It was just beautiful.

Maybe it's because I've seen them before, and that they've got two albums and a number of EPs, but there were so many songs I wish they could have played. I really wanted them to play Draw Your Swords and Paper Aeroplane. Maybe next time. I could listen to them play all their songs forever. And another thing, maybe it's because they're more polished and refined for a venue like The Palais, but there was less funny banter on stage in the first concert. I love hearing Julia's funny or sad stories. There was far more banter on stage in the second concert though.

I bought a hoodie and a poster on the first night. What is with the size of band merchandise?? My hoodie is a size small and it fits like an extra large on me. Meanwhile the Powderfinger tshirt I bought is a large but fits like a size 10. Bizarre! On the second night, I bought Julia's solo album which is stunning - very dark and calm.

As mentioned, my friend from work and her family came with me to the second show. I've been wanting her to come along to a Stones gig for years now as she's a huge fan too. I am so glad she came, she LOVED it. We sang along - and noticed so many people just sitting still in their seats. We thought they may not have known the words.

Friday night's show was just as magic. I think I enjoyed it more because of the banter between Angus and Julia and to the audience. They are so humble, so beautiful.

The crowd was noisier though, hollering 'I love you Angus...Marry me Julia!'

During the first two songs, there was some kerfuffle two rows in front of us. An extremely drunk girl sat in the seat with a jolt and promptly spewed up over the floor and maybe on the people in front of her. She and her friend were removed from their seats and the mess was cleaned. Yuck. And a waste of a show for them!

Paul Kelly did not appear, but they did a few different songs which included a number of new songs they'd both written recently. One of the most devastating songs was about Julia's past love who cheated on her. With lyrics like 'you had her in the bed with my hair still on the pillow', I couldn't help but get a lump in my throat. I think this is one of Julia's rawest song yet. I can't want to hear it recorded. Amazing. I also said to my friend that Angus writes hopeful songs about love, and Julia writes sad songs about love.

The thing I marveled at was their harmony and chemistry on stage. When either of them sing, the other complements them in such a way that it shows a sort of respect. They either watch on in awe, or contribute to parts of the song, layering the sound. Amazing.

Here are some pictures from Friday night.

I feel so proud that Angus and Julia Stone hail from Australia. They have succeeded in leaps and bounds, and their future as song writers and musicians is nothing but promising.

Thanks for great shows Angus and Julia. You are amazing!

Carly re-featured on Business Chic blog

The lovely Cheryl from the fashion blog Business Chic featured me again. Thank you for your kind words, Cheryl.

You can read the full post and explore more of Business Chic here.

Food diary

After an epically disappointing three days last week, I had three nights of seeing bands. Which made me much happier indeed. I have also eaten some pretty amazing food before the concerts. Except for before Powderfinger where I had chips with cheese and gravy.

Rather than mix these photos in with the concert reviews, I will post them here.

Dinner before Angus and Julia Stone, Thursday night.
Phamish, St Kilda

The beautiful Elvira

My brinner (breakfast for dinner) - salmon, hash brown, scrambled eggs on toast)

Elvira's gnocchi prosciutto - looked good on the plate...

But the gnocci was a puzzling taste and texture
It was spinach gnocchi but we decided it was made of grass. The waiter said 'it's not boogers on a plate' - and thank god!

Lunch on Friday - Japanese
Don 2 in Melbourne CBD

My roast pork don - $6.50 for roast pork, pickled radish, salad and rice!
My colleague's sashimi plate - so cheap and so much salmon!

Yes, I wore almost the same outfit as the night before. Ok, so I was tired. And I reaaaaaallllly liked the top

Dinner before Angus and Julia Stone, Friday night

Chinta Blue, St Kilda
This was anchovy relish. It tasted like cat food. It was delicious though. My friend and I shared it. Everything else tasted bland in comparison.

Gado gado stuffed tofu. My favourite dish at Chinta Blue.

Roast duck with bok choy and rice. Fiddly.

Obligatory roti.
Brunch, Saturday afternoon
Big Mouth, St Kilda
Baked beans, cheesy toast and hash brown. The hash brown was like deep fried mash.


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