18 September 2010

What I wore for filming

I have had a very long day filming for No Limits. It was fun. But I am tired.

Here is what I wore today.

I love this outfit! It is a perfect mix of spring colours and prints with wintry comfort. Great for Melbourne's current weather!

This chair was very high and very awkward. I had a dirty cow between my legs!
Dirty cow. See.

I didn't get makeup done, but I had my hair braided! ♥

Lots of breaks between filming meant lots of fun times waiting around, and so mucking around!

♥ Jacket and skirt by Sportsgirl
♥ Jumper by Glassons
♥ Tshirt by Jeanswest
♥ Woolen tights by Kmart
♥ Shoes by Wittner
♥ Hairclip by Mimco
♥ Necklace from friend for 21st birthday
♥ Laughter by Carly♥

Don't forget to check out my feature on Mamamia!


  1. Great outfit, Carly!

    I love that hairclip. I never find good hair accessories at Mimco :-(

    SSG xxx

  2. You look awesome! Very adorable how your one foot keeps trying to escape her shoe, perhaps she prefers a heel while her sister prefers a flat. :)


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