29 March 2010

Celebrity sighting - Callan Mulvey

Oh. My. God.

I went for a walk today at lunchtime and I met Callan Mulvey. As you may recall, Callan is my favourite person on TV.

I love the TV show Rush and when a colleague mentioned that there were film crews nearby, I had a feeling it may be Rush as I read they are filming the show again.

There were film crews and trucks and lots of people in day-glo vests. There weren't many passers by around.

I walked up to one of the trucks and saw a character in non 'tactical response' police gear walking around. I also saw a tall guy in tactical response gear and it looked like Callan.

I asked the non tactical response guy whether that was Callan, and he said yes. I asked if I could say hello. He said yes.

Callan was talking to one of the crew and I was pointed out to him.

He smiled at me, came over to chat. He remembered me from last time we met in June 2009.

I've met a few celebrities, and been very excited at most of them, but today my heart was racing and I was shaking. Nervousness is unusual for me!

Callan and I chatted for about three minutes. While I wasn't silly, I am not sure if I said anything coherent because I was actually quite nervous!

He asked me how I am, how my health is, and he told me when the new season will be on TV.

I asked for a photo and he was happy to pose.

Jolene Anderson walked by too, and I said hello.

Callan called me darling, and my heart melted.

I am incredibly excited about meeting him, and have been smiling all day.

I feel honoured that he took a few minutes out of his day to talk to me.


He is so very nice. He really made me feel special.


  1. You are one lucky lady. He is devine. Plus, I've said it before, but once again, I love that dress!

  2. love your belt.. you look lovely! he is cute, but i can only think of him as Drazic or whatev he was called.. Nice work!

  3. The people you can met while taking a lunchtime walk :) He is so cute! Great pics :)

  4. That's so cool Carly, what an awesome day!

  5. Oh wow that's so cool! I met him once when I was 14 and when he was in Heartbreak High and I remember that he was very nice and genuine.

  6. Oh I'm so jealous you met him! Really enjoy reading your blog, keep up the good work :)


  7. Jesus, he's so damn sexy. Rather cool that he remembered you too. And totally dig his smile.

    You on the other hand look totally smitten! Lovely!

  8. When is Rush back? I can't wait!!

  9. I have no idea who this is but he's cute! lol. And very exciting you got to meet a celebrity - this hasn't really happened to me ever.

  10. he's quite cute ... never seen rush before but maybe I will check it out hehe.

    That's so nice when celebs aren't too big for their boots :)

  11. How nice that he was happy to chat and have a photo taken too - lucky you Carly!

  12. Luck you, Carly!!

    I love your dress too.

    SSG xxx

  13. Thanks everyone!
    Thanks for loving my outfit too. So glad I dressed well on Monday.
    Callan is wonderful.
    Everyone should watch Rush. Callan plays a bit of a broody guy though.

  14. Lol, i was just about to say thank goodness you where dressed up and looking spunky ;)

  15. Hi Carly, thanks for being the 1st to post a comment on my blog! Very exciting indeed! On your suggestion I tried Body Balance at my local FF and will definitely be going back :)

  16. FB comment from So Now What?
    Wasn't hard to pick you out of all the Carly Findlays - you're the only one standing next to the hottest guy ON EARTH!

  17. Oh, I used to love Callan as Drazic on Heartbreak High! Shows my age, heh. Lucky you - he sounds like a very genuine and sweet guy.

    x Belle

  18. your so lucky Carly, and I love your dress you look great xx


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