19 December 2009

The things I am thankful for

I know my previous two blog posts have been quite sad. Legitimately so, but I want to try to give this blog a positive vibe, while still maintaining honesty.

This week, particularly Thursday, has made me thing about what I am thankful for.


On Thursday 17 December I received news from a friend in the country that my parents' town had been evacuated due to bushfires. I cannot believe the rapid panic that came over me. Even though I spoke to my parents who were not at home when I found out (so they were safe), I was so worried about the dogs being left at home alone, with no means to escape. At that stage, I didn't know the location of the fires, just that they were in the main town. They managed to get home, water the gutters, pack some bags and remain on alert. I heard from them via phone calls and texts, and a few friends called me and kept me up to date via Facebook. But I am 300 km away, and the unpredictability of bushfires meant that even with reassurance of their safety, I was very scared. That Worksafe ad kept on going through my mind, the one with the Dido song. 'I won't sleep, until you're resting here with me'. Fortunately they are all safe. I am so thankful for that. Four houses were lost, countless damaged, and thousands of livestock were killed. But no human life was lost. The NSW Rural Fire Services website currently says the fires are contained and there is now low to moderate risk, residents need to remail vigilant. I am looking forward to getting back with them at Christmas. I really miss them in a time like this.


Last Saturday I had my birthday party at a restaurant called Bopha Devi. It's a Cambodian restaurant. The food was amazing. I love Cambodian and Vietnamese food so much it makes me want to take a food tour in these two countries. I had about 14 friends come, plus my Mum, and it was a fantastic night. At one stage, the whole restuarant, including two other parties, sang me Happy Birthday! I felt very loved, and I am so appreciative to have these great friends. I received many lovely gifts too - they were all very 'me'. Thank you to everyone that came and shared the meal and the fun time. Apart from that dinner, I've caught up with a few other friends over these past two weeks. It's been very social and very lovely.

Uni results

As I mentioned, I'm studying part time for my Masters of Communication. I push myself quite hard and don't strive for anything less than a distinction. I received my final result for last semester on 30 November, but I picked up an assignment on 7 December. While I didn't achieve a distinction in my graphic design subject (something I've never done before but enjoyed a lot and came out of it with a new skill - book binding), I achieved a distinction in my other subject of last semester - Communication and New Technology. I was escpecially pleased with the result for major essay, which was about how new technology allows for mobility and self empowerment. I focused on how the internet and mobile telephony creates identities and communities for people with chronic illnesses. I achieved a high distinction for this, something I was pleased with because it was such a hard subject.

Flair to Remember

Lastly, I was lucky enough to win a beautiful dress from a blog called Flair to Remember. The lovely Nikki teamed up with Freez clothing to give away a dress to a person who described how they let their light shine. I was honoured to be chosen from a selection of great entries. You can view my entry in this blog entry. The dress arrived on Thursday and it is so beautiful. I cannot wait to wear it at Christmas. Thank you so much to Nikki at Flair to Remember and also to Freez clothing for this gorgeous dress. I feel honoured and lucky to have been spoilt.

I had my work Christmas parties yesterday. We went on the tramcar restaurant, but unfortunately it ran out of power so it remained stationary for most of the 'journey'. Oh well, the food was great, and so was the company. This week I've been to FIVE Christmas parties and two morning teas. Phew! I'm exhausted and looking forward to the rest!

Hope you're having a relaxing weekend, not too stressed with the Christmas shopping. Mine's done so now I'm just enjoying the wrapping of the presents.

Talk soon,

Carly :)


  1. Loving your blog! Congrates on your results and the dress!

  2. Aww I love the things you are thankful for!! I'm glad you love the dress, everyone loved your answer :)


  3. Hey Bowsnhearts - I saw your blog via the Vogue forums - aren't you cute! I loved the KK you received. I got a great KK too - a necklace from Etsy and some nailpolish, with more to come!

    And Flair to Remember - I am still stoked about the dress!

    Hope you're both having good weekends:)


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