16 July 2010

Good news Friday

I am exhausted! I have been sitting on the couch reading fashion mags and drinking moscato tonight. Nice.

Busy work day today and eventful night last night. Last night, I assisted someone who was very unwell before an ambulance arrived. It was at my first TV meeting.

Good news today, though. The guy from last night is well. And I received three parcels in the mail:
Some brooches by Lilipad Designs on Madeit
How cute are the pandas?!

My SIGNED Basement Birds CD
Haven't played it yet...but can't wait to do so!

A fantastic prize from the lovely Norwegian blogger Soul Princess
It's a postcard and book - the book is called The Glassblower of Murand. Can't wait to read it! Thank you!
Soul Princess does great YouTube videos, you should check them out. She is very sweet.

And today I also found out I was a lucky winner of the TV Week/Mix 101.1 FM competition to go to the premiere of season three of Rush on Monday night. There's a screening at the cinema! And the cast will be there!

You can't imagine how excited I am about this. In my entry I wrote that I want to meet Sam Johnson because I've been a fan of his for many years. Of course I'd love to meet Callan again, but it would make me so happy to meet Sam too. He has a gorgeous voice!

A couple of blogging friends are going too. Can't wait to see you Hayley and Jenna!

I really have to plan my outfit. I think I'm going to go girly. SO EXCITED!!!! I promise to post pictures on this blog! Squeeeee :)


  1. WAH! Sosososososooo exciting hahaha you're going to have a BALL!! Callan may think you're stalking him though ;) Wednesday lunch is perfect for me. I will test you re: time!

  2. UM, SQUEEEEEEE. Jealous. Give him a big fat kiss on the cheek for me please xxx Lots of pics of course xxx

  3. WOW .... what a crazy Friday!
    Loving the pandas - very cute!

  4. I love the panda buttons! How exciting!!! You get to rub shoulders with famous actors and actresses! I haven't even seen someone famous in real life before!

    Oh...I saw you at Valleygirl at HP today. I wanted to say Hello and say that I am a follower of your blog...but I was too shy. :)

  5. the buttons are so cute! i love how they are made out of cloth


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