05 July 2010

Dressed for success, famished and an unlikely appearance

So as tentatively promised, here is a photo of what I wore today.
I am really happy with the colour combination. It was a comfortable outfit, though the flippy bit on the front of my skirt revealed a lot of thigh when I sat. Need to invest in another kilt pin.
(Skirt and top by Target, jacket by Temt, headband by Mimco, brooch by Untamed Menagerie via Etsy, Boots by Wittner, necklace by Wiyomu via Etsy.)

I actioned many things at work today, and as a result I am exhausted, and was hungry when I arrived home.

So I made tacos.

Lots of vegies - tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, capsicum, beans and parsley.
Chicken in the pan with garlic and taco seasoning.
Tacos are a cooking.
My toppings - cheese, Greek yoghurt and salsa.
I wish taco shells stood up. It looks lifeless...
...but looks are deceiving and once filled and stacked, they were full of life! I added snap peas for colour and health.
I also had a side of jalepeno. NOT THE WHOLE JAR, YOU FOOL! But I love them, and I eat them straight from the jar. Only a few at a time.
My tacos were delicious. Such a good end to a good day.

I bought a magazine today. I was aghast at the price. $8.95. I recall when I could get $1.80 change from $5 when I secretly bought Dolly magazine.

The magazine came with a free scarf - it smells a bit like paint though so I need to wash it before wear. It also came with a brilliant $30 Mimco voucher.
I want to buy this headband with the voucher.

As I cooked dinner I heard some news that I just had to blog about. Look, I don't support illicit drug use, and I sure as hell don't support football. But can I just say, get well soon Ben Cousins. I have recently discovered that footballer Ben is very articulate, more than I thought he would be, and when I've heard him on Nova, he sounds like a nice bloke.

And in my sometimes superficial world, he is the best looking footballer I have ever seen.

Sigh. How hot is Ben Cousins? Told you there would be an unlikely appearance in this blog entry!

Must go - I have a very important competition to enter before I get lots of sleep.


  1. Benny!!!

    He was legendary in Perth back in the day.

    There were always shots of him topless on the front page of The West with his 'Such Is Life' tat across his abdomen.

    I hope he's okay.

    Lovely outfit, BTW.

    SSG xxx

  2. Cute outfit Carly, did you run into the big C? I'm sure that if you did he would have thought you looked very professional :)

  3. SSG - the Such is Life tattoo is hotttttt.

    And thanks, Jess - I did see him, he gave me a smile.

  4. That's my favourite of all my headbands! Buy buy buy! You will love love love!!!

  5. Cute outfit and those tacos are making me HUNGRY!
    I am a magazine addict and am very sad that all the prices are skyrocketing :(

  6. Hi Carly, I really like the Jacket that you are wearing - Wish it was in my cupboard!!! And I know what you mean about the magazines... A quick visit to the newsagents normally costs me $20 ....


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