04 July 2010

Dreams can come true

It has not yet sunk in. That I am going to be a presenter on a community TV station! That I will be interviewing bands! That it's in addition to my full time job.

I don't expect it will feel like reality until I actually do it.

When I was in my teens, I wanted to be a journalist. When I was in my early 20s I wanted to be a journalist for Rolling Stone magazine, like the boy in Almost Famous. To interview bands. Well, for Savage Garden to reform and for me to interview them, to be specific.

Now I've studied journalism, I've learned about the industry and my mind's changed a little. I would still like to be an influential writer and presenter in the media, but more so on my own terms.

This opportunity I've sought and been given is fantastic. It will mean I can work on many things I'm passionate about while raising awareness about disability and chronic illness in a public space. Without my illness it may never have happened. I've been blessed with great genes ;)

I love that I can work in a fantastic full time job writing and planning events, and do things on the side that I've always dreamed of. There is volunteering at ChIPS and writing for DiVine, and now this! I am so very lucky.

The world's your oyster too, go get it!


  1. It is all so awesome!

    Congrats again, Carly.

    You inspire the rest of us. Look forward to hearing more of your job.

    SSG xxx

  2. Congratulations on the fabulous news Carly. Can't wait to catch you on the telly!

  3. You are a talented person and you really deserve this opportunity. Congratulations !

  4. So very congratulations Carly:)
    I am soooo happy for you:)

    Tell us how it goes, and maybe even a clip?

    Have a good day - CARLY YOU ROCK:)

  5. Great news Carly!!!! keep up the good work and speak to you soon

    Matt (www.nethertonsyndrome.com)


  6. Congrats! That is great news - very exciting.

    PS - since when did you have ads on your blog? :S

  7. congrats carly! thats awesome! cant wait to hear how it goes xxx

  8. Go Carly! Your sheer good spirits persevere. Congratulations. Well deserved.

  9. Best post ever!! So proud of you Carly - you've made it happen for yourself!! I love your attitude SO much! You're gonna ROCK this gig!!!!


  10. CONGRATSALOT CARLY!!! I hope you have a ball with this :) xx


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