18 July 2010

Radar Detector music video clip

Is this not the coolest music video clip in a long time?!

Ok, so I don't watch much music television anymore. You may notice that most of the music I've been missing videos are stuck in the 90s. But this is the coolest clip I've seen since OK Go were on treadmills back in 2006.

It's called Radar Detector and it's by Darwin Deez. So the song is a bit too repetitive for me but I can bear it because the clip is just brilliant!

I love all the innovative things in this clip! So much fun!

Thanks Jentopia for blogging about it!

What other music video clips can you recommend me?


  1. My current fave video is The Temper Trap - Love Lost

  2. OH i love this clip, it's so sweet. I can't stop watching it. I adore those curls too. Have you seen Ok Go's new video, End Love? It's awesome.



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