19 July 2010

Season 3 Rush premiere

Hoyts Melbourne Central
19 July 2010
(All photos are featuring me or have been taken by me, please don't reproduce or alter.)

It was a fantastic night! I was giddy with excitement, and maybe hormones!

I am so full of energy now, and still so excited so forgive me if my writing is a little rambled - maybe I've missed things out? I know I told two men I loved them - and they weren't Callan Mulvey!

I was lucky enough to win tickets to the Rush premiere from both TV Week and Mix FM.

I went with about five friends and made two new friends, met an old friend and saw some people from the Rush forum.

This is my outfit.

The crowd was huge this year compared to last year. There was champagne and canapes, though in my excitement, I didn't get enough of either.

Unlike last year, there was a stage set up and the announcer from Mix FM came to welcome us and introduce the cast.

It was Rodger Corser, Ashley Zukerman, Sam Johnson and Kevin Hofbauer, the new recruit. Rodger said that the girls had gone to the Jam Factory and Callan's helicopter was on its way.

We squealed. I was so excited to see Sam Johnson.

Callan Mulvey came out a few minutes later. The girls went wild.
"Can we like...OOH THERE'S CALLAN!!" That was said by me!

I had a photo taken with Rodger Corser first. He said the girls were really at the Jam Factory - they'd gone to the wrong cinema. I asked what kind of policewomen are they? 'Bloody hopeless' he replied.

I then had a photo taken with Callan and Rodger.

Look at me, surrounded by genetically blessed men! I was very excited!

Megan had a photo with Callan.

It's a weird angle as I took two photos at once with both cameras.

When I was waiting for my photo to be taken with Callan, he saw me and acknowledged me in the crowd by nodding and smiling.

After the photo, Callan asked me how I was, he called me by my name! I told him about my role in the Channel 31 show and he said that's excellent, he will tune in! I congratulated him on his engagement and thanked him for his letter. He was so lovely.

My friends and I then slowly made our way through the crowd to meet Sam Johnson. The crowd was so thick. My shoes were hurting!

Sam Johnson. Wow. What an amazing guy. He was so funny and so nice. I told him about how I loved him in The Secret Life of Us and how I wanted to be Alex. He said he wanted to BE WITH Alex and that's why he did the show! He gave me lots of hugs, including the 'couple pose', which he only does once a night and I'm it. I said 'I think I love you more than I love Callan Mulvey, Sam' and he said 'nah, I'm nothing like those guys, I'm just...I'm just..' and I finished his sentence: 'a douche' and he laughed and said yeah. He thanked me for loving the show. I was taken away by his charm. And that voice!

I was laughing so much my eyes were shut!

Here is Megan with Sam.

We then snaked our way around the back, where I got a nice rear view of Callan, on our way to meet Ashley.

Though I'm not a fan of 'Muppet' in Rush, I liked Ashley a lot.

Poor Kevin was standing with a very small crowd. I felt bad for him.

After Ashley we made our way back to Callan. And waited. And waited. Hayley got a photo with him.

And he posed for a group photo with Hayley, Trudie and I. Sweet guy. So obliging.

There wasn't time to meet the girls - Nicole Da Silva and Jolene Anderson - but I got this photo of Jolene's head.

We then made our way into the cinema. The cast came in to introduce Rush. Sam Johnson made a moving speech welcoming their guest of honour - a little boy who has fought some hard battles.

My photos aren't so great.

And they sat down, in the same row as us, abeit at the other end!

Episodes one and two of Rush were brilliant! So much action. One episode had scenes from where I met Callan in March, and many streets I know well. And it was so funny in many parts. The script is great. I loved the opening scene of episode one. I really like how in the characters have developed and seem to be bonding again.

It was an incredible privilege to be a part of the audience and meet the cast. And boy did Sam Johnson make me laugh!
Thanks Channel 10, TV Week, Mix FM, the Rush cast and my friends for making it a great night.


  1. Gosh your quick! I'm still uploading my pics on my blog!

    I had a great time thanks so much for inviting me!

    You were like a little girl on Christmas, it was so hilarious to watch!

  2. Jealous! I love Sam Johnson, and he looks absolutely gorgeous (as do you!).

  3. Love your smile, Carly! I think it will be a while before you come down from cloud nine!!

  4. Sam was such a sweetie! It was great seeing you again and meeting the others!! Currently importing vid, shall try to get it up today :) xx

  5. Carly, I love your dress. You looked great and looks like you had a ball!!

  6. You must have been so excited! You look amazing and so so happy :)

  7. Hi sweety:)
    Looks like you had a lot of fun:)


  8. Oh I commented last night!!! First thing. Bummer.

    Sam Johnston looks like the lovliest guy on the planet!

    So glad you had a great night and you got to see "him" again albeit engaged. :(

    Love your outfit too beautiful lady xx

  9. What a brilliant night! Looks like you had a ball! You are becoming such a celebrity and it always amazes me how you manage to win so many tickets to things! Well, I guess you have to be in it to win it. You looked gorgeous by the way and Sam looks like the pick of the night!

  10. Ahh, you are gorgeous and radiant! I don't know who those boys are, but all the smiles in your pix are making me smile over here. :D

  11. hubba hubba! Thanks for sharing the pics ~ what beautiful gents! Xx

  12. Fantastic photos, gorgeous outfit, that looked like a really fun night. :)



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