25 July 2010

Ticking things off the list

I have had an incredible amount of tasks to get through this weekend. Overwhelmingly so.

Here is what I have done so far. I feel pretty accomplished in most areas, and disappointed in one area.

I went on the tram car restaurant on Friday afternoon.

I ate some chicken liver pate (my dining partner was vegetarian except for chicken, so she had the capsicum pate)

 Drank some Champagne...they kept on topping the glass up...
 Ate some trout with soy and ginger dressing - rather nice
 Rode through St Kilda...very Secret Life of Us
 Ate some beef - mooing, but not as tasty as I'd hoped
And see that piece of blue vein cheese? It's King Island. And I ate the lot. My dining partner didn't eat blue cheese. Lucky for me. Unlucky for my arteries.
 Here is a picture of Melbourne as we crossed the Yarra on the tram car in Spencer Street.
Here is me with the menu and carnation they gave me. I am wearing a hoodie because it was Stress Down Day on Friday and that's the 'event' I promoted at work. I want to wear a hoodie to work more often.
After the tram car restaurant we went to crown and had more drinks. I got home around 6:30, made some phone calls and watched The Secret Life of Us on DVD in bed, and fell asleep halfway through. So tired.

Yesterday morning I went to the Children's Hospital to visit a friend and her son who is staying there, had breakfast at Maccas, then went to belly dancing.

After belly dancing I handed over $60 for this.

It's most of the non prescription part of my skin care routine. Very expensive. Shampoo, conditioner and bath/shower wash and cotton buds.

After that outing, I did two loads of washing, had a nap, had some food, and then wrote some comedy sketches that I will perform on TV. I can't believe I wrote that! That I am really doing it! I wrote some comedy sketches that I will perform on TV!

I got ready to go out to The Temper Trap. At this stage I was feeling really tired still, and had two major things to tick off my list.

I went for dinner at a Thai restaurant in Victoria Street. I don't know what it was called, but the food was pretty good.

That is a duck and lychee salad. It was seasoned with chilli and peanuts. I ate it wrapped in roti.

Then I drove to Festival Hall to see The Temper Trap.

This is the disappointing part.

It was cold. I was tired, I bought my ticket months ago so it wasn't like I was forking out the money last night. And the ticket had not been posted to me, so it didn't even feel like I was going. There were heaps of people out. I was going on my own, which I am usually quite happy to do. I couldn't find a park close by. I thought I should have got the train.

And then, I disappointed myself.

I gave up The Temper Trap to go to bed. I was in bed by 8.30 pm, watched some Secret Life of Us, and was asleep by 10.00pm. I know. They had sold out on the day I bought my ticket. I may never be able to get a $60 ticket to them again. But then, I had seen them in January, they were awesome but the setlist was very short. I heard them on the radio this morning and my throat choked up. I missed The Temper Trap gig :/

Anyhow, I slept well. I needed it. Today I have done some grocery shopping, eaten breakfast and read the newspapers, looked over some stuff for my thesis.

I have stared at this picture a lot.

 And this one.

And watched the You Tube video of the Rush premiere 30485 times. I am really happy with how it turned out and not so embarrassed at my over enthusiasm anymore.

I am about to get started on an article for DiVine, then cook dinner and watch Masterchef.

Can I have another weekend please?


  1. hoodies at work, if only that were everyday :P

  2. Yay to overcoming any embarrassment! I am so happy you can just watch and enjoy now!! :D I have wanted to go on that tram car restaurant for a long time now, gave up a while ago as I figured all those vibrations wouldn't agree with me, thanks for the inside view! Shall definitely have to meet up soon and I'll give you all the raw footage, I'm a little busy and frazzled at the moment but I'll figure something out soon :) xx


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