29 July 2010

Itchy and scratchy

Another shitty symptom of ichthyosis is the constant itching.

The itchiness is usually easy to manage. It comes and goes. But sometimes, like today, I wake up and the itchiness is so intense I worry that I will scratch myself to a bloody mess. Luckily I have learnt not to let it get to this stage, but as a young child I'd often wake up with bloody sheets and pillow cases from deep scratching, and then my skin was very sore when it was washed.

This morning I was so itchy I couldn't go to work. My eyes and nose were itchy and runny. My face was puffy. My body was itchy all over. My scalp itched so much that I wanted to scratch it against furniture corners, like a sheep scratches itself on a fence.

There's not much to treat my itching with other than antihistamines. So that's what I did.

I've been in a haze of phernergan and zyrtec today. I'm not sure whether you can take them together without side effects, but I took them anyway. I'm not dead so it must be ok.

I admit, I love a phernergan sleep. It's a deep, warm sleep where most of the itching subsides and the world is forgotten. But when I wake up, I am left with a hangover. Not a headache type hangover after drinking all night (I've only had one of those in my whole life!). It's a hangover where my body is heavy and I don't feel fully awake for a long time.

After Rush I don't know whether I will take another phernergan or not. I am still itchy. I don't want to feel horrible at work tomorrow. I have an event to coordinate. I can't risk not waking up in time or feeling like a heavy lump all day.

When I scratch, people tell me not to scratch. I am used to it. But I really hate it when people tell me not to scratch and throw in a slap on my hands. That really pisses me off. Them slapping me is more annoying than me scratching.

Here's hoping tonight is without itching. And tomorrow too.

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  1. Hi Carly, I just wanted to let you know that I've given you a small little something on my blog that I hope will cheer you up =)

  2. I'm so sorry things are bad for you darl :( I really hope things subside for you really soon. Oh and as for anyone who slaps you on the hand, slap them back! LOL

    PS: How awesome was Rush tonight? They have to let Stella back in or I will cry. x

  3. Aww I'm so sorry to hear things are so bad right now. Big hugs to you and I hope you feel better soon!

  4. So sorry to hear you are not feeling well right now. Sending special soothing Ruby kisses across the miles straight to you. :)

  5. Hi Carly
    So sorry you're not feeling too great at the moment.

    Take care and get well soon.

    SSG xxx

  6. I tweeted about this the day I wrote it but I'm not too sure if you had a chance to see. I gave you an award and you check it out here:


    have a happy Friday and a great weekend!

  7. Thanks for your wishes everyone! Feeling less itchy now :)

  8. Hey Carly... I'm an eczema sufferer, and I use phenergan to kill off the itchiness when that gets too bad. Like you, sometimes I dose up and enjoy the itch-less sleep, and suffer the heaviness the next morning. I've found that taking the smaller dose during the day (10's usually one or two at a time) and then using the heavier dose at night (25's - sometimes two) works well... particularly on weekends when I don't have to be up and on the ball for work!! Glad you're feeling better! Malady


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