06 July 2010

Where does my garden grow? On my legs, of course!

It was so chilly today! Though the sunshine and blue sky was a nice change. When I looked down at my legs, I imagined I was standing in an exotic garden.
In reality, I was at work wearing funky stockings. I received a lot of comments. It's nice to make people smile by just wearing clothes.

I went to Mimco at lunchtime. The red headband that I wanted was not there. Instead I bought this clip with my voucher. It was good value at $10 plus the cost of my magazine and the requirement to give my email address to the Mimco database. Ok, so there were a few opportunity costs. Still, I envisage I will wear it a lot.
FYI - the concept of 'opportunity costs' is one of the only pieces of relevant information I carry with me after completing my e-commerce degree. That and 'lock in' and the principles of web design.
Here is what I wore today.
Dress and coat by Target, merino jumper (under dress) by Glassons, stockings and scarf by Sportsgirl, brooch by Rulitos81 via Etsy, shoes by Diana Ferrari at Myer, bag by Catherine Manuell, sunny disposition by Carly.

And if you haven't heard, the hottest footballer in the world is out of hospital.  Phew. Apparently he wants to play football this weekend. Though I don't care about the football, I only care for his looks. He has great teeth.

I know. I have started talking about football on my blog. But I figure, me posting pictures of Ben Cousins is a service to all women.


  1. I too am over the moon at the safe discharge of Ben.

    Love those tights :-)

    SSG xxx

  2. Love the outfits posts, Carly, you look gorgeous leaning against the wall there :)

  3. Yes as much as he's a very troubled (perhaps stupid) man, he is so lush.

    Love the outfit. xx

  4. I really like your outfit posts and those stockings are looovely!

  5. I'm trying to figure out if his teeth are real or not. As a proud sporter of veneers myself, I am suspicious of their whiteness.

    Love your stockings! I think you've inspired me to wear a funky pair tomorrow...

  6. Where to begin! That clip is beautiful, your scarf and tights are adorable and that photo is...quite attractive ;) am loving your blog :)

  7. He was cute girl, and lovely of you to enter my little competition:)

    Have a lovely day:)


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