31 July 2010

The kindness of strangers and friends

A few things have been said and done for me in this past week which has made me realise the kindness of strangers and friends. And these things have certainly put a smile on my face.

I had dinner with a friend and her 10 month old baby on Monday. Her baby is the cutest little girl ever. So happy and smiley. She was wearing the little purple dress I gave her for Christmas when I met them. And I'm called 'Aunty Carly'! I love being Aunty Carly!

Her little girl gave me this card in which she drew a picture.
So cute! Adorable.

Last Sunday I received a beautiful anonymous message from a Twitter follower in response to my Rush You Tube video.

It read:
'Carly! I have been reading your blog since it started and I follow you on twitter.

You are absolutely gorgeous and I loved that vid, seeing you in action totally confirmed for me that you are without a doubt the most loveable girl in existence.

Keep doing what you're doing! You are a talented writer and I cannot wait to see you on tv! oxox'

This message seriously made my day! The anonymous Twitter follower has since revealed herself - thank you for reading and enjoying and liking Tali! You are awesome!

Yesterday I received a message from a lady in the UK who had stumbled across the Rush video online, and she was thrilled to see me so happy meeting the cast. We have since become Facebook friends and have chatted about our love for Australian television drama and Rodger Corser.

How amazing to get so much support and love from strangers.

And today, a new friend I made through doing belly dancing gave me a necklace. She said that last week I offered her a lot of comfort when she was unwell, encouraging her to take time out and look after herself. She's a carer for the disabled and brings one of her clients to class. Her client loves class and looks forward to coming each week. My new friend at dancing said she's felt so welcome in class and has appreciated my friendship. I was so surprised and happy she thought to give me the necklace. Thank you Z! Here I am wearing it today after dancing at a Cambodian lunch.

The necklace is gorgeous - silver with pink beads and a bit of bling. Z said it matches my personality. So sweet.

Mum took that picture and I am so happy with how it turned out! Thanks Mum!

The kindness from strangers (who have become friends) and friends this week has made me so happy. And has reminded me there are wonderful people out there.


  1. What great stories, Carly. The world really is a small and friendly place.

    SSG xxx

  2. Isn't it amazing how little gestures can mean the world to someone!
    PS I quite like the new recruit in Rush!

  3. Love that photo, you have the most amazing smile Carly :) The necklace is fantastic too!

  4. That picture is the happiest I've seen you. I liked seeing you in "action" too. You are one cool chick xx

  5. Its great to hear stories like this!
    I am loving your bling too.

  6. its great hearing all about ur life u are someone i have always admired even from quite young!!! keep up the great work hun u r amazing!!!

  7. I love this post - biggest smile on my face right now!!!

    You are incredible!! :) :)



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