07 July 2010

The Mecca of filming

Robert De Niro is in town. I admit, I don't really know who Robert is. I wouldn't know if I saw him in the street. I do know that he is famous for the line 'are you looking at me?'. Our newspapers are very proud of his presence. He is filming a movie - The Killer Elite. He is only here for a few days.

The movie has been filming for a while now. I've seen the film trucks a few times, and once I went to ask the security guards what they were filming, just in case it was Rush. I would prefer it if a Hollywood actor that I actually knew (and by 'actually knew' I mean, one I recognise and whose films I watch) was in town. Like Cate Blanchett. But she seems to always choose Sydney, apart from the time she wore that crochet blankie on the red carpet outside Federation Square.

This is how close I got to Robert. (Not close at all.)
These are the film trucks for The Killer Elite. I saw them at lunchtime. You know how I like to spot a celebrity.

There were also some film trucks another block and around the corner away. I believe they were filming City Homicide. They looked to be filming inside a building. There were so many trucks, and so many power cords and plastics containers in the trucks. I also saw a catering tent that was made of camouflage canvas. It was pretty obvious to spot, despite it looking like it'd be useful an African jungle, because camouflage doesn't really work in a concrete jungle.

Last week I took the work car out and I saw some City Homicide filming at a hotel - there were fauxlice (faux-police) cars everywhere, an ambulance and a lot of people in day-glo vests.

My workplace is situated in the Mecca of filming.

Once I was walking from work to uni, and there was a laneway cordoned off with police tape, fauxlice cars, lots of people with cameras and those fuzzy microphones on sticks. I thought there had been a murder. When I got to uni, I told them about the fauxlice cars and the police tape. On my walk back to work, I saw the day-glo vests had 'City Homicide' printed on them. Not a real murder, but a made for TV murder.

This is what I cooked last night. It is braised chicken and pineapple with vegies, kejap manis and lime juice.
It was delicious, and quite healthy too. I will eat a serve tomorrow for lunch.

This is tonight's dinner. It is left over cutlets and vegetables, jazzed up with cherry tomatoes and smashed potatoes.

I believe the butter-to-potato ratio is incorrect. It probably should be less butter than potato. Never mind. I am zumbaing it up shortly.

This is what I wore today.

Coat from Target, dress by Cue via Ebay, Necklace via Oh Deer, boots from Wittner, skivvy from Dotti, jumper from Glassons, blown-glass brooch handmade in Tasmania, stockings from Myer, hairclip by Mimco, belt by Gossip Girl for Big W.

I wore a very similar outfit when I met Callan Mulvey the time Rush was filming near work. Lucky it was The Killer Elite and City Homicide filming today, because had I met Callan in this outfit he may have thought it's the only dress I own.


  1. Carly cute outfit. Love the dress.

    I am always impressed with your cooking for one, I do not always find the energy.

    I never had any interest in Robert until I watched "Falling In Love" (1984) staring him and Meryl last week. He is oddly likeable and attractive in this movie. As part of my adding substance to my blog I will be doing film reviews so stay tuned as this is on the top of my list.
    Cate's dress is fab. My cat would enjoy sleeping on it!

  2. you look so cute Carls.

    Love Fauxlice cares FUNNY!

  3. Your food looks amazing and very restaurant worthy :) You've definately succeeded in making me hungry for a stir-fry...even at 6.45am :p

    As for your outfit, it's very classy! The coat is definately well suited to this freezing Melbourne Winter we've been enduring! The Cue dress is gorgeous! I've bought a few Cue shirts off Ebay and I've always been happy with the quality (not so much with the price tag that comes with Cue products :P)

    The dress is beautiful, Callan would love it :D

  4. Tagged you on my blog, Carly!

    Loving the outfits BTW.

    SSG xxx

  5. The dress is great! I love the different colours, something about it reminds me of the light you get coming through a stained glass window

  6. Thanks everyone for loving my outfit :) I like the colours in the dress - it's very versatile.

    As for the food - I want to be a chef!


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