18 July 2010


Being a very dedicated fan of certain celebrities (actors and musicians) myself, I have seen my fair share of fanatics. I admit, I have been a screamer at times. I have screamed when I saw Darren Hayes enter a concert venue (he commented on my screaming!). I have waited many cold hours outside many venues to meet him. I once told other fans that I deserve to be at the front of the queue because I sat in the cold for six hours to meet him, and they had only been there for 10 minutes!

I love the way our idols can bring us together. I have developed close friends with several people because of our mutual love for Darren Hayes and Callan Mulvey. It's nice to belong to a community – I love discussing minute details of albums, TV episodes, photo shoots and interviews with others that also love my idol. And it's great to be at a concert with other fans. You share something really special, like in the clip of live music above. (Fans is one of my favourite Kings of Leon songs.) There is such a rush being in the crowd enjoying and singing along to the music. (My experience at the Kings of Leon concert was mostly amazing - it was marred by a drugged fan who hit people in the crowd and pushed my friend.)

I love it when your idol acknowledges you in some way. It's such a privilege.

But belonging to a fan community is also quite unnerving. Maybe I have been one of those fanatics that I don't appreciate. But I don't think I have treated anyone badly because of my fandom. I have always shown respect to my idols and to those around me.

People will do anything to get close to their idol. Anything.

I have seen many nasty fans with no regard for others. Many fans are fraught with jealousy.I have been yelled at by an obsessed fan because things didn't go her way. My photo of a celebrity and I was used by someone else, and I was cut out of it! I have been asked to do ridiculous favours by fans so they can get close to their idol. (I have, however, secured autographs for true friends.)

I received four messages of abuse on my Facebook page after I announced I won tickets to the Rush premiere. I was told I was undeserving because I went last year and because I've already met Callan Mulvey. This fan was never a friend. Just found me through my blog, or a page I've 'liked', I guess. Needless to say, this fan has been deleted from my friends list. While I appreciate they were upset for not winning the competition (I would be too), it gives them no right to be nasty.

It's all a bit ridiculous. I am going to go to the premiere tomorrow night, with my friends, and enjoy it. Not going to do anything to please others.

I have learnt in recent years never to jeopardise the relationship you have or may have with an idol. And also never to idolise someone to the extreme that you will be disappointed.


  1. People are cray, cray! To get mad at you because you WON something pffft... I hope you have an AMAZZZZZZING time!!! I know you will ;)

  2. wisely spoken/written.
    i know you had an amazing time and enjoyed the eve (like me - just a bit toooooooooooo crowded)
    just can't believe it that people are getting nasty because you won or you've already met the cast or been last year - that's sick!


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