05 July 2010

Dressed for success part two

So I had a play with iPhoto's effects, and lightened the indoor picture of today's outfit.

The original photo was very dark - I have discovered natural light is so much better.

I played with the tint and temperature of the photo - it's not quite sepia - I like the slightly orange background.

I want to learn more photo effects. iPhoto is great!

I also want to learn to pose better. I am standing almost as wooden as the actors in Twilight.


  1. Nice outfit Carly..... looking good! x

  2. You look lovely, love the blue of the top and the skirt has a lovely drape to it, Bx

  3. Love the outfits, Carly!

    Been in a clothing rut myself of late. Thanks for the inspiration.

    SSG xxx


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