05 December 2010

Birthday celebrations with new friends, old friends, friends we just made and those I'm yet to meet

I celebrated my birthday last night. (My actual birthday is this coming Wednesday. And my legs have healed quite a bit, though still a little sore.) A group of good friends came out with me to Bopha Devi at the Docklands.

It was a fantastic night with lots of laughs. Some people didn't know each other, but they all got along.

I have made the best friends.

Some were old friends:
  • Shawn from primary school - we reunited last year via Twitter after last seeing each other in 1992.
  • Jo from Melbourne - I used to go to stay with her and her now husband in Melbourne since I was about 13.
  • Steph who I used to work with in retail from 1999 - 2003 and we now both live in Melbourne.
And others were new friends:
  • Cherie - Shawn's girlfriend, who, before we met, wrote a letter to the Northcote Trader's Association about the woman in the store who abused me - the kindness of strangers astounds me!
  • Hayley - we met on Twitter because of our Rush discussion. We have since met Callan Mulvey together and both write for Ramp Up.
  • Scott, Elvira and Phin - I met them through filming on Channel 31
  • Trudie and her husband Dave - I worked with Trudie and now we belly dance, shop and see movies together.
I'd like to thank them for their friendship, for sharing good times with me, and for their lovely words in cards and gifts. Thank you.

Here are some photos from the night.

The view of the harbour.

Scott felt the need to hit me on the arse with a plastic drinks menu. I am disappointed he didn't use his hand. A plastic menu is so sterile (before it hit me on the arse).
Elvira warning the table about pissing her off.
Steph vicariously receives modeling lessons in her job.

Steph reminds the men of the world that she is a bride to be.
Men of the world are sad. But then rejoice that I am single.
Scott can no longer hide his disinterest for my unfunny jokes.


The arty shots:

Steph didn't believe that I had never seen a bong until this year.
*not an actual bong on the table.
Penis rolls!

Me with Cherie and Shawn.

Phin and I.
Hayley and I.
For the fashion conscious reader, my outfit was Wish coral floaty top, Kinki Gerlinki ruffle shorts, Chinatown diamante heels, Sussan longsleeved tee, Witchery bangle, Mimco headband and Target clutch. Necklaces were Tiffany and two beautiful gifts.

After Bopha Devi Hayley, Elvira, Phin and I probably spent two hours finding an exciting and accessible bar to party on at. It proved difficult. The Docklands were filled with private functions and drunken cruisegoers. It was also difficult finding a taxi. Queues were long, taxi drivers were disgustingly rude (one guy drove off when a friend was ready to get in) and people waiting for taxis were weird.

Once we did get a taxi, Elvira and I went to Crown Casino. Only one cocktail each.

We met three lovely new people in Lagerfield, chatted to them for a while, and then all headed off to the junkfood court. All class.

We convinced a bouncer to pose for a photo with us. We said we'd give him a cheeseburger. We never did.
I picked up a cheap and delicious date during the night.
Sadly, he didn't stay with me til morning.
This photo was actually upside down.
The line of the night was:

OMG...Elvira, you almost ended up in a WHEELCHAIR!! (Carly to Elvira as she crossed the road with oncoming traffic. In her wheelchair.)

Nothing like a $2.95 KFC molten cake and strangers singing happy birthday at Crown Casino's junkfood court at 2.30 am.
I did not eat all of this KFC. Honestly.

While in the queue at KFC, one of our new friends told many strangers that Elvira and I will be on Channel 31 this Monday night at 6.30 pm. He was so excited he had met two famous people, and now wants a spot on TV!

It was such fun.

Here are the beautiful cards and presents I received. I love them all :) Thank you - I feel very special, and each gift was so carefully chosen.

Tiger Tree necklace
Bling necklace
Matching bling bracelet
Coles Myer voucher and my favourite chocolate
The Princess Bride book
And today I received a surprise in the mail! The postman is starting to come on Sundays before Christmas!
A friend I've been speaking to online after briefly meeting earlier this year, because of our mutual love for Rush, posted me a U2 tour book. Thanks for thinking of me and being so generous, Alex :)
I also received a parcel from a friend I haven't met yet, but have been online friends with for about two years. We came into contact because we both love Trinny and Susannah. I can't wait to meet you, Kylie, thank you for sending me these lovely gifts!
We haven't met yet she knows me so well :) Simple wrapping with purple ribbon.

And beautiful gifts. Fabric bangles in lovely pastels.
A bird pendant by Kaboodle.
And a notebook - so very handy!
Something is on its way to you soon, Kylie :)

I feel very lucky and loved. To my new friends, old friends, friends we just made and those I'm yet to meet - thank you so much. ♥


  1. What a lovely celebration and gifts, Carly!

    Take care and hope your birthday day is just as fun.

    SSG xxx

  2. Luff you Carly. This was a spectacular post. Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to you :) xoxox

  3. Gorgeous shoes! I love how they accentuate your jewellery. Ver' clever.

  4. It looked a completely fun evening - Carly - so pleased you had a special time with friends. Always the best nights. And great pair of pins by the way!! And happy birthday for Wednesday.x

  5. Happy birthday!! Ben & you have the same birthday :) I love your bling and tiger tree necklaces - so beautiful. It looked like such a fun dinner/night!
    Heidi xo

  6. Happy Birthday Carly - hope all your wishes come true! Especially the one about Bon Jovi getting you on stage when we see them next week - WOOT!
    oh whoops - did I say that out aloud? *fingers-crossed* I didn't jinx ya;)

    XXXXXXX Cheryl

  7. It looks like you had a fantastic time! Singing "Happy Birthday" (or even just singing randomly) in food courts at 2:30am sounds like my idea of an awesome night out.

    I also love those ruffle shorts - they're gorgeous!

  8. Penis rolls. Love it!

    Early birthday wishes x

  9. Happy early bday to a fellow Sag!! (my bday's on the 11th). Glad to see you had an awesome celebration!! xo

  10. It was a great night, Carly!! So glad that you had such a good time and even more glad that I was able to make it along! *raises glass* Here's to many happy birthdays to come!! xxoo

  11. Such wonderful times and you were so lucky to get all those gorgeous gifts! You looked stunning hun, and I'm glad you had a great night!
    Xx Jen


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