24 December 2010

Christmas eve - new dress!

I arrived at my parents' house yesterday afternoon, collecting lots of locust guts on my car. It's great to see them (my parents, not the locusts!) and also familiar faces in Albury, and to be pampered.

It's been a leisurely Christmas eve, spent doing a small amount of food shopping, preparation for Christmas lunch tomorrow (blog post on Christmas day and its food is planned!), reading magazines and starting to read The Princess Bride. I am a bit sore today so this rest and relaxation is just what I need.

I bought a new dress today too! It was love at first sight.
It is from Brown Sugar - the first piece of clothing I've got from there since 1997 when Mum bought my year 10 work experience suit.
It's a beautiful day here in country NSW. I was only outside with the sunshine on my shoulders for two minutes, but my, it felt great!

One more sleep til Santa comes! Hope you're all having nice Christmas eves :)


  1. Oh it's gorgeous! You look fab! Merry Christmas!

  2. What a pretty dress, I love the print. I have a new one too but mine is a watermelon coloured linen number.
    Gosh the grass looks green for Albury in December. Have a lovely day tomorrow xx

  3. Looking great Carly! Have a wonderful Christmas with your family! xxx

  4. That's a mega awesome dress - perfect for summer and all those colours means you could accessorise with pretty much anything :-)

  5. Ewwww locusts!
    That dress is stunning, I love it!!
    Wishing you a very relaxing and Merry Christmas hun

  6. Lovely dress Carly you look great. Happy Christmas to you and have a wonderful time. x

  7. The dress looks great! It's so colourful and festive.

    The weather looks great, too - I hope it's still like that when I'm in Beechworth on Boxing Day.

    Have a fantastic Christmas with your family! :)

  8. A beautiful dress! Hoping you and your family had a very Merry Christmas and wishing you a happy and healthy New Year! :)


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