03 December 2010

ABC online's Ramp Up launch + International Day of People with Disability

It is quite fitting on this International Day of People with Disability that my own chronic illness has somewhat disabled me. I am writing this from under the covers (even if you imagine really hard, it's not a sexy situation I am in). I am sore, finding it hard and very painful to walk, a little bit miserable, and unable to go to work. The chemist gave me a doctor's certificate, and suggested home-based treatments. I am now on a second dose of antibiotics and nauseating pain killers. If I am not better by Sunday I will take myself to the emergency ward for a consult with the dermatologist, to receive IV antibiotics rather than a hospital stay. And I'm concerned that I'll be too unwell to go to my own birthday party tomorrow night. It sucks.

I had a shower at my friend's house this morning. As I mentioned, I never look my best first thing in the morning, so to have kisses blown to me and smiles from her beautiful one year old daughter made me feel good about myself. There's nothing like the unconditional love from a baby to cheer you up when you're feeling your worst.

Something else that's put a smile on my face today, and made me very proud is the launch of the ABC's disability portal, Ramp Up.

Ramp Up is a website dedicated to news, opinion, broadcasts and discussion about disability.
My introductory article has been published.

You can read it here.

My online friend Todd has also written an article which I recommend reading. And check out my real-life friend Pauline's article too.

I've not had a lot to do with International Day of People with Disability until very recently. I never thought it applied to me. But it does, and even if I didn't have a chronic illness, it should apply to me. This day is very important to raise awareness about disabilities and chronic illnesses, and to celebrate ability.

For the past three years I've had greater involvement in International Day of People with Disability. I coordinate events for it in my workplace. I've spoken at some of these events in 2008 and 2009. This week I have coordinated and assisted with two events at work - giving the opportunity to young staff and friends to share their stories about their disabilities. Hearing their stories - some struggles but mostly triumphs - moves me to tears.

In her editorial welcome on Ramp Up, Stella Young writes 'In a lot of ways, International Day still doesn't mean a great deal to me. It's just a day. I'm proud of who I am every day, and I know dozens of other disabled people who feel exactly the same way.'

I feel a bit the same. But this year International Day of People with Disability feels more special for me because I am now a contributor to Ramp Up, in the company of many other talented writers.

I am going to rest up now, under the covers. Read the newspaper and sleep. And hope that my infection heals soon.


  1. Carly, I love this blog entry - with your focus on "ability", rather than disability, even when you are sick and "disabled" by your illness at present. Todd's article is great too.

    I hope your treatments and a rest at home can get you ready to celebrate your birthday tomorrow. xxxx

  2. I'm so sorry to read that you are feeling crappy today! I hope you are able to find some relief soon. Yay for all the wonderful things happening! I didn't even know it was International Day Of People With A Disability until I read your blog this morning, thanks for the heads up!! xxoo

  3. Carly, I hope you are better by your birthday. Try and rest the best you can. I hope you've got someone who can pamper you a bit. Nothing like magazines, chocolates and cups of tea when you are feeling bad.

  4. Beautifully put Carly. Your article on Ramp Up is FANTASTIC. My body's out of order with infection at the moment too... sucks.
    Ramp Up launch is exciting though :-)
    Rest up, get well soon love xo

  5. I really enjoyed your article on Ramp Up - it was full of humour and honesty and, most importantly, a sense of you as a person.

    It is completely unfair that you should be feeling so unwell this near to your birthday celebrations. I hope you're feeling a lot better very, very soon.

  6. Hi - I just discovered this blog when checking out the new site Ramp Up. I'm really glad I did.

    I also have a chronic illness. Like you, I blog about it in the hope that my doing so contributes positively somehow. Well done on doing the same on Ramp Up.

    I know very well what it's like being a slave to your illness especially when you have other plans. You have my sympathies. I hope you get to enjoy your birthday.

  7. Hope you feel better soon Carly. I've never really participated in any disability type events either. I tend to forget that I even have one - to me, it's just my version of normal!


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