31 December 2010

What I learnt in 2010

2011 is a stinking hot day, some fireworks, a long floaty dress and a bottle of wine drank from a plastic cup away.

2010 has been an amazing year for me. The best I can remember. I hope 2011 is just as great, if not better, for all of us.

I hope that in 2011 I will be writing more, find true love, and save some more. I hope I continue this good streak of low sick days, and that I recommence my early 2010 interest in going to the gym. I hope to see more live music and cook more (I know it seems I do these things a lot already, but I don't do them as much as I should). I want happiness and success for me and everyone I love.

Happy New Year! Celebrate safely.

Here is what I learnt in 2010:

You can't wear red, checks or stripes on TV. Autocue is difficult to use. The word 'congruent' should not be used on autocue until the word gets easier to pronounce and autocue gets easier to read from. Working on TV is not glamourous. There will be hands thrust down your top and up your dress to affix the microphone.

A cheese platter is not a meal.

Wearing skinny jeans to a gig is difficult when a singer invites you on stage to hold their lyrics. It's best to plan future gig outfits based on this possibility.

Seeing a band is best when you're up the front. Crowded House. Powderfinger. Basement Birds. Angus and Julia Stone. Bob Evans. Steve Poltz. All superior gigs compared to the others I've been to this year because I was at the front.

It's perfectly reasonable to book a ticket to a band because you've seen their concert on DVD.

I don't get nervous much. Not on camera. Not giving an off the cuff speech at an awards ceremony. Not in a job interview. Only when I meet Callan Mulvey, the nicest man on TV.

I love my Macbook but hate my iPhone.

Saving money is wise and useful. And makes me feel like a grown up. But I still adore shopping.

Most of my weekends have been full. I have treasured these, but also treasured doing nothing.

It's just as traumatic losing a pet as it is losing a human in your life.

I blink a lot. Seeing myself on camera has shown me this.

My friends are awesome. So are my parents. I am so thankful for them.

Some of my best new friends are those I am yet to meet, or those I speak to on the phone or via email at work.

Some friends continue to let me down.

I really enjoy mentoring someone at work.

Don't do something if it's not your passion. Give that opportunity to someone whose passion it really is.

I made a really difficult decision this year. I will soon carry it through, and the day I do will be really difficult.

Writing this blog and meeting people through it is wonderful. Readers respond best to the honest and sometimes confronting blog entries.

The most googles that lead readers to my blog are 'Callan Mulvey', 'Nina's clothes in Offspring' and 'Your sister's a six at best'. People google me too. This used to freak me out. Now I'm ok with it. Sort of.

Dreams can come true if you persevere by working hard. I am now a writer, just like I dreamed of being.

Being recognised alongside journalists from The ABC, Triple J, SBS, Crikey and The Australian for my opinion pieces on DiVIne is pretty amazing. So is being asked to write for the ABC.

Success has come quickly. I am scared of failure.

It's ok to take risks. I took a risk by loving someone. This was equal parts the best and worst thing of my 2010. I wouldn't change it.

Just because you love someone doesn't mean they're right for you.

I can make a difference in this world, just by being myself.

What have you learnt?


  1. Happy New Year, Carly!

    Best of luck with your difficult choice.

    We will be here for you.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  2. "Don't do something if it's not your passion. Give that opportunity to someone whose passion it really is." So wise, Carly :-)

    I teared up reading this. Especially the last 3 lines.

    Sounds like it's been an absolutely stellar year for you! I am really looking forward to 2011. Bring on the celebrations!

    "congruent", LOL...

  3. Happy new year Carly. I hope the really difficult decision you alluded to isn't too hard for you. Much love. xox

  4. Thanks for your kind words :)
    Re the difficult decision - I know it looks dramatic in print. But it's not a drastic life threatening one - just a change in direction. Your support is appreciated.

  5. Happy New Year Carly - I have absolutely loved being involved in your life, through your blog, this year, its one of my absolute faves. You are so honest and open when you write.
    I love your list! And I wish you all the best with the difficult decision

  6. Carly, all the best for 2011! I love your last statement - you can certainly make a difference, and being you is just what the world needs.

    xx Polly


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