07 December 2010

My radio interview where I talked about sex and dating

I did a radio interview on 3CR community radio where I talked about sex and dating. The interview was a part of 3CR's feature on International Day of People with Disability. The other women who did interviews were so moving.

I was a bit worried about my responses - I was quite nervous, but I am happy how it turned out!

You can hear it here:


Thanks for producing, Clare Burns!


  1. That was great, you didn't sound nervous to me. Great radio voice by the way, I could listen to you for hours lol

  2. Damned link is taking forever to download ;P

  3. That was a fantastic interview Carly - well done you. And MMBB is right, you didn't sound nervous at all :-)

  4. Fantastic and insightful podcast Carly.
    Its true you have a great voice and came across so relaxed and I instantly connected with you.
    Watch out Angela Catterns!

  5. That was amazing! You didn't sound nervous, you sounded completely honest and I was very inspired by that.


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