22 December 2010

Last day at work for the year - food, flash mob, present, Anna and Bob Evans

Today was my last day of work for the year! I am spending time with my family from tomorrow.

It was a fantastic day at work - I love my colleagues and the work I do. I don't blog about my 9 to 5 job at all, but today warrants a blog!

I work as an events planner/writer to enhance the social fabric and corporate engagement within my organisation. It is often a lot of fun and I work directly with and meet a wide range of great people. I think it's such a rewarding job. I have made wonderful friends, including some who I only talk to on the phone and have either not met or have only met once or twice. That's the beauty of working in such a large organisation.

The day started off with special end of year breakfast out at a cafe where I was treated to a yummy breakfast of field mushrooms, goats cheese and guacamole on sourdough with a side of salmon, and juice. This picture does not do it justice. The pink filter is on? My breakfast was soooo good!
Then at around 10.30 am, my immediate colleagues and I commenced our 'grazing day' - where we grazed on yummy food all day. It was so wonderful. We'd planned this day for several weeks, calendarising and discussing menus. People baked and brought delicious foods - nuts, cheese, pannetone, carrot cake, bread, dips, brownies, cookies and cheesecake. Heavenly!

Brownies - thanks S! So rich!
This cheesecake was the best I've ever had.Thanks C!
I baked two things - custard and berry tartlets...
...puff pastry cases baked for 10 minutes, topped with French vanilla custard and frozen berries cooked in a little water and sugar...

And asparagus and brie tart - a great way to use up my leftovers before the holiday...
...seven free range eggs (the colour of the yolks was amazing) beaten into a custard with King Island cream...
...some fresh chives and mint, salt and pepper, the last of the tasty cheese, and two bunches of blanched baby asparagus all poured into a shortcrust pasty lined dish and topped with sliced brie. Yum!!

We ate all day. Seriously. Such fun.

At lunch (when we DIDN'T eat) my colleague M and I saw this performance at Melbourne Central.
75 singers, a conductor, microphones and speakers, and a huge crowd around every balcony.

A flash mob choir - the Skin Opera. It sounded amazing - unexpectedly because of the vastness of the shopping centre. It was pretty special to see and hear!

We bumped into the lovely Anna from the Cock Tales podcast - I had never met Anna but she recognised me because I am good friends with her podcast co-host Scott (as featured on previous blog entries such as this one). We hugged and chatted for a while, and decided we need to have a drink together.

I also received something wonderful in my mail box - hand delivered tonight!
A seriously beautifully wrapped and packed Vogue Forums Kris Kringle gift from Esz at Kitty's Drawings. Sorry for the blurry photos.
Inside there was a Portmans silk scarf, some lollies, fabric brooches and a necklace from my favourite Etsy seller, Wiyomu.
Wow! I am so lucky - this was a fabulous gift - I am very thankful, and I wish you a happy Christmas, Esz.

When I returned home, I received a heads up that this video is now on YouTube

Thank you Peterdaicosisgod for recording and uploading it! It brings back great memories of my favourite gig of 2010.

And finally in other great news I received an email at work to say I've won an award, to be presented in January 2011. I am honoured.

Today was a wonderful day to end my working year. :)

I hope you all have/had great last days at work before the Christmas break, and that if you are working over the Christmas period, that your days are good. A special shout out to the emergency service workers and charity workers who forgo Christmas day celebrations with their families to help others.

PS: thank you to everyone for being so supportive and encouraging about my previous blog entry about sex. It certainly took some deep breaths and courage to write and publish! I am glad some of you can relate, and that it's provided a new perspective for others. Your comments have made me think a lot too.

PPS: this blog just turned over 100,000 visitors in just over a year. Well 11 months as I only started the stat counter in January. Thank YOU!!


  1. Wow Carly - all of that food looked amazing and had me very jealous as I've been sick in bed all day - just my luck!
    But what a wonderful day indeed and big wave to the gorgeous Esz - such perfect pretty presents and what a small blogging world it is!

    And look at you being so modest and saving your big news til the last - congratulations on your award AND making 100,000 visitors in under 12 months!! I know I don't leave comments on every single one of your posts but know that each and every one of your pieces makes a difference. Keep up the great work Carly! Xx Cheryl

  2. Carly,

    Thank you for such a joyful Christmas post.

    I hope you have a wonderful break and I look forward to more of your inspiring blog next year.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  3. I'm glad you had a great day Carly - it seems it was a perfect way to cap-off a great year for you all-round!

    Thanks for inviting me down to graze, and you're right, it was an amazing cheesecake!

    Congratulations on the award also!

    Have a great Christmas.



  4. Yay so glad you love everything. Best wishes for Xmas and the new year :-)

  5. What a delicious sounding last day of work! It sounds like the perfect prelude for Christmas, really. So many delicious things to eat!

    I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and New Year. :)


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