17 December 2010

Muse concert - a visual review

Rod Laver Arena Melbourne
15 December 2010

Muse are amazing live. I didn't realise this when I saw them at the Big Day Out in 2004.

Bold, flamboyant, colourful, dramatic, orchestral, falsetto, loud, rocking, fast, loud, blinding, egotistical.

Podiums topped with revolving stages and light shows spectacular. I thought the stage and lighshow was more appealing than U2's claw.

A silver glitter suit was worn by Matt Bellamy, reflecting all colours of the lights. He played guitars, a keytar and a glass topped neon keyed piano.

Giant bouncing (eye) balls were thrown into the crowd. Representations of the corporation were lit up on the sides of the podiums, resembling buildings. Laser lights projected at all angles into the crowd. And the front man threw his guitar.

The crowd was energetic and dedicated. Moshing, air punching and singing in every song. Being at the concert was like being in a whirring, flashing machine. It was so amazing.

I can't write about music well enough to do Muse's show justice. There are plenty of other reviews of their Tuesday night Melbourne gig:
And Pluck Your Strings
The Age/SMH
Herald Sun

And of the gig I saw:
Take 40

Here is the setlist.

And here is a short video I took of Time is Running Out.

Enjoy my photos. It was such a brilliant concert.


  1. Wow this looks amaaazing! Awesome photos! xx

  2. So jealous Carly! I love Muse. Ever since muscle museum & unintended. *sigh* love :)
    Heidi xo


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