08 December 2010

Birthday giveaway extravaganza!

Today's my birthday!
I've had one party already, and will have some more celebrations - breakfast with some of my wonderful colleagues before work this morning, drinks on Friday night, and dinner plus Bon Jovi concert on Saturday. I am such a lucky girl.

Yesterday afternoon I came home to a myriad of disasters, but I also had an early present from Mum and Dad waiting for me.
A massive esky of cheese from Ashgrove Cheese in Tasmania! (I've been to the farm outside Devenport.) Thank you so much Mum and Dad :) I love cheese as much as life. I needed a drink after the disasters (broken car, lack of shower, broken house phone, forgetting to take my pants to neighbours when I had a shower there...) so I have already sampled some blue cheese with my wine - it's delicious!

28 has been the best age! Freelance writing opportunities, TV presenting, radio interviews, great friends, a little romance, being onstage with Bob Evans and meeting Callan Mulvey twice, and only one stay in hospital for a short six hours. 29 better be this good or I am staying 28 forever.

To celebrate my birthday with you, I am giving away three presents! I love giving away presents!

A little baking set:

A super cute panda spoon from Bob Boutique:
And a gorgeous necklace by Melbourne designers Oh Deer:
To win a present, all you need to do is leave a comment on this blog entry (leave your email address so I can contact you if you win). If you want to, you can let me know what present you'd prefer. The giveaway ends on 16 December at midnight Australian time. I will draw three winners at random.

There is also a special series commencing on this blog tomorrow. It's all because it's my and the blog's birthday week!

The series is called Enough about me, let's talk about YOU for a minute. I hope you love it as much as I do - it was fun and inspiring to compile.

If it's your birthday today too, happy birthday to you!


  1. Happy, Happy BIrthday Carly!

    It has been such a blessed year for us all.

    Lots of love

    SSG xxx

  2. Happy Birthday Carly! 28 does sound like it has been great and I am sure 29 will be even better. Thanks for being one of the first followers of my blog and happy bloggy birthday too!!

    Jealous about the cheese. Great present M+D!


  3. Happy birthday!

    I know what I want for my birthday next year: that esky of Ashgrove cheese! Visiting that place was one of the highlights of my Tassie trip earlier this year. Awesome cheese + painted cows = WIN.

    I hope you have a fantastic day today. :)

  4. Happy Birthday Carly!!! Sorry I can't make it to your drinks, I've got work. Hope you have an amazing time celebrating. Much love.xox

  5. Happy Birthday Carly!
    I hope you have an amazing day, you deserve it! xo


  6. Happy birthday Carly! Sounds like an awesome year, and also your parents have EXCELLENT taste. I would so love to get an esky of cheese for my birthday...maybe I should start dropping hints for July next year! Hope 29 is just as fun for you :)

  7. Happy birthday! Aren't birthdays fun?

    I <3 the necklace!


  8. Happy Birthday Carly. You're so generous to be giving presents away on your birthday, you should be getting lots of presents. Glad to hear that you had a lovely present waiting for you after such a tough day. It's nice to be able to finish a tough day with a bit of relaxation to recharge the batteries and get rid of some stress.

  9. Carly I am sure being 29 will be just as great for you as 28 was (if not better). You are such a positive and lovely person, more good things are sure to come your way. I know we barely know each other but I am so glad I was there to be able to share one of your special happenings (Bob).
    Have a drink for me tomorrow night and happy birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday hun! I am actually from Tassie so if you ever need more cheese hit me up lol :P

    I love the necklace, and double bonus that it is from a Melbourne designer as well, I didn't know that!


  11. Oooh - yummy present!
    Happy Birthday!! :D

    All the gifts are lovely, but the necklace is my favorite!

  12. Happy Birthday, Carly! Hoping your 29th year brings you all the health and happiness you can wish for!

    The baking set is sooo cute so I'd pick that one.

    cleptakristal (at) hotmail (dot) com

  13. Happy birthday Carly!! I baked so much for Ben today (his birthday too) - those heart measuring spoons would have gone down a treat ;) hehe. Honestly I do have the Hummingbird book - I love it! All these gifts are so lovely, how sweet are you! I hope you got some great pressies too!
    Heidi xo

  14. Hip hip hooray ... Happy birthday Carly!!

  15. Happy birthday, Carly! Deathly jealous of your cheese stash — so many layers of absolute awesome.

  16. Happy Birthday Carly!

    I love the Panda Spoon! It’s uber cute! I’ve fallen in love with Panda’s ever since watching the ‘Never Say No to Panda’ ad that has been doing the rounds on YouTube.

    I actually saw someone doing a photo-shoot in Union Lane the other day with someone dressed as a Panda, and I was so tempted to ask for a photo but was too shy... haha

  17. Happy birthday carly!!! I choose the necklace by oh deer! Hope you had a great day, Melody (jellybean_mello@hotmail.com)

  18. I wish all the best for your birthday! You should be the one receiving presents! All of your giveaway gifts look lovely! I particularly like the little baking set, it's very cute!

  19. Happy birthday Carly.
    I love the way your parents think!
    Cheese is the best thing ever.

  20. wow Happy Birthday! Sounds like a fantastic day. I love cheese too, i think Havarti is my favourite. Enjoy Bon Jovi you lucky duck!
    Belinda :)

  21. You are such a sweetheart giving away presents on your birthday. I hope you had a fabulous day and got totally spoilt xx

  22. Happy birthday! That cheese present is brilliant, I think I might hint that to my parents for my birthday. There are some Ashgrove cheeses there I haven't tried - yet.
    All the very best for the following year!

  23. Happy BIrthday Carly!
    This is a very cool idea :) (molly-star@hotmil.com)

  24. Happy birthday Carly. I've only just discovered your blog via Bern and I'm going to be here for a while moseying around to get to know you. Pop over to my place as I'm having a giveaway too and you just might win a birthday gift! x


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