26 December 2010

Little Christmas miracles

I'll preface this by saying that a proper documentation of my Christmas day - present photos and food photos - will be coming soon. Internet service is poor here in the country, so it takes about an hour to upload four pictures. I will get to that when I return to Melbourne.

It was lovely on Christmas day. It was spent at home with my parents and grandfather during the day, and then with friends at night. We had feasts for lunch and dinner. And I received (and gave) Amazing presents. Vouchers, money, Mimco purses and hair clips, books and pyjamas. I was seriously spoilt.

Christmas to me isn't about religion or spending a heap on presents. It's about showing those you care about how much you love and value them.

There were a few little Christmas miracles for me yesterday. They came in the form of text messages from friends.I received some beautiful and unexpected messages that made me feel so loved. A friend who I used to see a lot of and now not so much told me how lucky he is to have me as a friend. I received an unexpected thanks for a present and letter I sent someone - he loved it (phew!)! Another friend told me I am her favourite person she's met this year. And there were many other messages of love, encouragement and appreciation of friendships. It does not cost a lot to show people you care. I am truly blessed to have the friends that I do. Thank you. And wow :)

Plus my parents are super proud of me and are spruiking my success and business cards at every chance they get!
I hope you all had great Christmas days.

PS: I finally heard a funny joke from a Christmas cracker! I know. Another Christmas miracle!
Q: What do you call a woman standing between two goal posts?
A: Annette!!!


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhh haahahha I actually laughed at that joke!!! We gave up on crackers this year and I made my own somewhat unconventional version. That joke kind of makes me regret it though!!

  2. Awe! So nice to feel the love, isn't it? Im glad you had a great christmas. Cant wait for the pics!
    Heidi xo

  3. Hi Carly

    My Christmas was as special as yours for many of the same reasons.

    Thanks so much for your gift. Very cute :-)

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  4. So glad you had a fab. Christmas and isn't it nice to receive such lovely messages? x


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