19 December 2010

What's been happening?

It's been a busy week. I am exhausted!

I did the Enough about me let's talk about YOU for a minute series of guest blogs, which were so well received - thanks to my guest bloggers and to the new readers who stopped by and read and said hello.

Here is my week in pictures.

I saw this stuck to a city building wall on my way to buy a new (hideously expensive) charger for my MacBook. Isn't it lovely?

I did my only (and final) belly dancing class for the term - these are Isis wings - so beautiful! Can't wait to return next year! After dancing my friend and I had Grill'd and Shakeaway, our regular shopping mall treats.
I stayed in a hotel for a week while my shower was being replaced/repaired. (Shower is now ok and I am home!) It was close to work and home, and a few nights I ducked home to check my mail and do washing.

Staying in the hotel taught me convenience food management with a small, one facility 'kitchen', and hideously expensive convenience foods.
I tried to be healthy.
This was $5.99!!
I made chicken and salad one night.
Considering I only had limited ingredients and facilities, it was delicious.
I seemed to get a lot of 'admin' done in the hotel. This could be put down to needing to rest, lack of good TV reception and having spent all my money on convenience foods/MacBook charger/car alternator and battery.

I organised a post box after both my Muse ticket and birthday present went missing.

I made a mix tape for a friend, and transferred music onto my computer.

I saw a lot of Oprah on (mind numbing) morning TV. Not interested.

I read skimmed the Ben Cousins autobiography. I have no interest in drugs or football. I bought the Ben Cousins autobiography on his looks alone. It needs more pictures.
I wrapped presents and wrote Christmas cards. I posted some of them, and gave them out at work.
Being in the hotel also taught me wardrobe management skills. I loved having my week's outfits planned. It was limiting, and I only had a few accessories and one pair of work shoes, but I felt very in control of my clothes. Might need to work out a similar arrangement at home.
I went to two work functions. The first was dinner at Maria's Trattoria in Peel Street North Melbourne. So much food, great value.
The second was a tramboat cruise on the Yarra and Port Philip Bay.
Champagne cocktail #4
This is on the top of the boat. Windy.
There was a rainbow on the walk back from the tramboat/post tramboat drinks. So pretty.
Before Muse...
...I went to the Grit Media/No Limits Christmas party.
I only stayed for two hours, it was a lot of fun. I didn't want to leave!
The promo posters for the Tell Someone video came out.
It was the last day of No Limits filming yesterday.
It was a hoot as always, and I made some new friends there too. I had the fun task of assisting with catering (filming was in Coburg - SO MUCH YUMMY AND CHEAP FOOD!!), and on the way, J and I walked past the circumcision clinic. Or 'circumcision cafe' as J called it. She thought I was far too excited about this clinic!

It is a coincidence we passed this clinic because, look what someone googled to reach my blogg earlier this week...
K, the lovely makeup girl did my hair and it was teased up like an afro!
I gave Elvira her Christmas present - some pretty drinking straws, and this, her 'ultimate boyfriend'.
Once again there was a high chair for me to awkwardly mount.
And before Bon Jovi last week, a stranger complimented me on this outfit, she said I look hot! So awesome getting compliments from strangers.

That was my week, how was yours?


  1. What an amazing week - full of the old comforting experiences and exciting new ones.

    Goodness, me and Mr maus are travelling north after Christmas and will be doing the hotel/motel thing for a week, so your post is a comfort in a way. We want to be frugal and not eat out heaps..

    Good work on catering for your personal noms.
    Hope you didn't have to spend too much on the hotel Carly! xox

  2. Until this very moment, I had no idea tramboats even existed. And now, I shall not be happy until I have been on one.

    It sounds like you had a fantastic birthday week. :)

  3. "ben cousins book needs more pictures"

    Carly - you crack me up!!

    Glad you are back in your home tho that chicken salad looks mega tasty indeed! Xx

  4. busy week indeed! lol at this: "I bought the Ben Cousins autobiography on his looks alone". love the honesty. I dont find him attractive though - I know, I'm weird apparently, my friends have told me time and time again :)
    Heidi xo
    p.s. delicious looking pasta!


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