02 December 2010

The rainy days ain't so bad when you're the king

I am really sore. On my legs. Like hospital sore. I went home from work early, sick. My manager asked if there is anything she could to to help me. 'Stand for me', I suggested. So, so sore. It's thumping and stinging and burning all at once. I've also had to postpone a catch up dinner with a friend tonight so I can have a salt and oil bath and rest up. I want and need to be well for U2 and my birthday party on the weekend.

My shower needs replacing. I may be without a shower for two weeks. It is a medical need that I have a shower at least twice a day. A bath in the morning doesn't cut it. If I don't have a shower there is a risk of infection. Plus I don't wake up looking like you usually see me on this blog and in person.

I literally have to put my face on. I have to wash off the old skin to make way for the new. On a bad day, I wake up looking a like Freddy Kruger. On a good day, I wake up dry, scaly and scrunchy-eyed/faced. I don't let many people see me before my shower in the morning - I have to really love and trust them. So it's imperative I have a shower to start the day. Fortunately I have a very good friend nearby who is kindly letting me use her shower as much as I need to while mine is out of order. I hate to be a burden though. I think the thought of the shower situation is stressing me out and making my skin sore. Ironically, this sore skin on my legs requires a bath.

Glum, glum, glum.

On the upside, and there is always an upside...

The shower and tiles have been pulled out today. It's actually not as bad as I imagined.

I really love the outfit I wore today, despite how sore I am. This humidity is making my hair nicely curled too.

The photo was taken in the chemist when I picked up my cream (Vaseline) and some much needed Panadol. The girls in my chemist always make me laugh no matter how sore I am. There is three kilos of Vaseline in this box. I lather myself in it. It's not as sexy as it sounds. But come hither, boys...

I wrote an article on surviving the party season. It was published on DiVine. You can read it here. I think it's one of my more fun pieces.

I'll be featured on 3CR radio tomorrow talking about dating.

Tomorrow the ABC's Ramp Up website is launched. It will feature one of my articles. To see my writing in print on the ABC will be one of my proudest moments. Like their (previous?) slogan 'it's your ABC', a small part of it is now my ABC.

I got a standing room ticket to the Kings of Leon concert for March 2011 too. Hurrah!
And Rush is on tonight. These boys will be nice to look at.

As Kings of Leon sing, 'the rainy days ain't so bad when you're the king'. Today is a rainy day for me, literally (it's been raining sideways in Melbourne!) and metaphorically. But there continues to be good things happening which outshine the bad.


  1. Have you thought about getting a shower head attachment to use in the bath? Although you don't get any sort of pressure out of it, the last thing you want to do when you feel like crap is leave the house :) We used the shower head thing when we had our shower replaced earlier this year, although it wasn't great for me because a lot of days it's hard to actually climb in the bath, let alone get awesome hair with no shower pressure ;)

  2. Thanks Lizz. Yeah I should get one of those shower head bath tap things. But I use one similar in hospital and it is really hard to wash my face and hair.
    I will see how things go.

  3. sorry to hear you are unwell and hope you feel better soon xxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Your hair looks fabulous! The rainy weather in Sydney has made me look like a bad imitation of a poodle.

    I hope your shower situation is remedied very soon. <3

  5. You look beautiful despite feeling crappy. xox

  6. Hope you're feeling better today, Carly!

    Love your hair. Congrats on the article.

    SSG xxx


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