17 September 2010

My feature on Mia Freedman's website

I told you something exciting was going to happen.

And today it has!

I have been featured and published on Mia Freedman's blog, Mamamia.

The article was originally written for DiVine. Mia Freedman assisted me with finding a contact for the article, and she read the finished article and asked me if she could reproduce it in an edited form on her blog.

For those of you who are not aware, Mia used to be an editor for Cosmopolitan magazine, and now writes for Fairfax and is a member of the National Body Image Advisory Group in Australia.

I am really proud of this article, especially for it to have received such prolific coverage.

You can see me on Mamamia here.

Thanks for reading!


  1. That is so amazing an exciting, Carly! The article is fantastic. I love Mia Freedman, too. Her biography is wonderful.

    I feel like I've been constantly commenting on your entries lately, haha. Sorry! I just had to comment on this one, too :)


  2. CONGRATS, that is so awesome, you deserve this! great article as well

  3. WOW .... That is super cool. Congrats!!

  4. That's so awesome, Carly!! I am terribly sorry to read about your recent heartbreak, so glad to know there's some happy happening also! Much love xx


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