12 September 2010

Food diary

After an epically disappointing three days last week, I had three nights of seeing bands. Which made me much happier indeed. I have also eaten some pretty amazing food before the concerts. Except for before Powderfinger where I had chips with cheese and gravy.

Rather than mix these photos in with the concert reviews, I will post them here.

Dinner before Angus and Julia Stone, Thursday night.
Phamish, St Kilda

The beautiful Elvira

My brinner (breakfast for dinner) - salmon, hash brown, scrambled eggs on toast)

Elvira's gnocchi prosciutto - looked good on the plate...

But the gnocci was a puzzling taste and texture
It was spinach gnocchi but we decided it was made of grass. The waiter said 'it's not boogers on a plate' - and thank god!

Lunch on Friday - Japanese
Don 2 in Melbourne CBD

My roast pork don - $6.50 for roast pork, pickled radish, salad and rice!
My colleague's sashimi plate - so cheap and so much salmon!

Yes, I wore almost the same outfit as the night before. Ok, so I was tired. And I reaaaaaallllly liked the top

Dinner before Angus and Julia Stone, Friday night

Chinta Blue, St Kilda
This was anchovy relish. It tasted like cat food. It was delicious though. My friend and I shared it. Everything else tasted bland in comparison.

Gado gado stuffed tofu. My favourite dish at Chinta Blue.

Roast duck with bok choy and rice. Fiddly.

Obligatory roti.
Brunch, Saturday afternoon
Big Mouth, St Kilda
Baked beans, cheesy toast and hash brown. The hash brown was like deep fried mash.


  1. Those are some pretty brave food choices!!

  2. Oh my goodness, what wonderful meals you have been enjoying! Thank you for sharing and for the photos. I love to see food happenings from around the globe.

  3. I've never been to Chinta Blue! yummy cat food - love it :) the gado gado stuffed tofu looks amazing. What a fun time you have had! I love a good food dairy.
    Heidi xo


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