30 September 2010

Please help me become a SEEK A-List ARIAs Party Patroller

It's been my dream to go to an ARIA award ceremony. Ok, so I am living in the past, I admit. It WAS my dream in 1997 and 1998 to go to an ARIA award ceremony because of Savage Garden's phenomenal success.

1997. 13 nominations and 10 wins! And a surprise haircut.
1998 ARIAs - the year of the bad shirts and significantly less wins.

My taste in music has changed from fully commercial to sometimes commercial, and subsequently, I have not been excited about the ARIAs since about 2003. When Darren Hayes performed Lost Without You for Delta Goodrem.

Oh and I loved 2005's awards because in that year Missy Higgins jumped on David Hasselhof.

But this year, it's my dream again because I am so excited about the quality of the nominees.

Angus and Julia Stone. Birds of Tokyo. Megan Washington. Sia. Basement Birds. Hurrah!

I entered a competition to be a Seek A-List ARIAS party patroller. A foray into rock journalism! One of my dreams.

I would be thrilled if Birds of Tokyo would let me show them my sudsy-shower-rendition of their beautiful song Plans. Or if Julia Stone and I could talk dress shopping. Or if I could simply be in the presence of the coolest chicks around, Sia and Megan Washington (coincidentally, the same names as two good friends of mine!). If Darren Hayes is there too, I'd shriek and faint, in true and historic Savage Garden fanship.

This is what I could win:

  • Access to the red carpet, the awards ceremony and official after party at the 2010 ARIA Awards
  • Work with the ARIA's PR team on the red carpet so you can prepare your report about the event
  • Professional media training prior to the event
  • On-air session with Ryan, Monty and Whippa on NOVA
  • Your exclusive video report on the ARIAs will be played on the SEEK A-List Party Patroller website
  • $1,000 pay-check for working at the event
  • $1,000 grooming and styling make-over
  • Plus to make your job so much easier we'll provide:
  • Travel & accommodation to the ARIA awards in Sydney
    and to NOVA in Melbourne
Please help me out by visiting my profile page and clicking 'like' through your Facebook account. If I get enough votes, I may progress to the finalist round, and then hopefully become a party patroller at the ARIAs.

Your support is much appreciated!

Thank you :)


  1. hi carly! i just voted for you,
    all the best with the comp it seems like a lovely opportunity!

  2. Voted. You look to be up there with the votes Carly. Good luck!!

    I tagged you in a meme on my blog :-)

  3. How exciting!

    Will definitely vote for you.

    SSG xxx

  4. As I am the last person in the known universe (and beyond) to not have a FB account, I cannot vote. But if I did, you know I'd be voting Team Carly all the way! Best of luck!


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