02 October 2010

Sexing and dating on the set

I had filming for No Limits from 9.00 am until 6.15 pm today. Exhausted!

We filmed three episodes, including sex and dating. Hence the title of this blog entry.

As usual, it was a hoot on set. Many many innuendos were made.They just kept coming.

My favourite one:
Just keep banging it baby, until it hits the spot.
Here are some happy snaps of our tom foolery in the green room.

Arty nanas

No makeup was tested on Carly

Come get me, huh huh.

Hair like she just got out of bed.

What I wore.

Sex and dating appropriate outfit.

So fun to play with the puppy.

My dress had boning in it. It was so restrictive it made it hard to breathe. Or eat.

Gastric banding for the fashion conscious I say.


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