02 October 2010

Tyler Clementi - teenage bullying and suicide

This is a tragic story about an American teenager who jumped to his death after he was filmed having sex with a man and the video then posted online. You can read more here.

Please watch this message from Ellen Degeneres and take something from it. It moved me to tears.

I urge you to seek help if you are experiencing bullying, depression or suicidal thoughts. No matter your age, gender, religion, race or sexual orientation, you deserve a happy life free from bullying.

And if you are a bully, please think about the impacts your actions are having on individuals and their families and friends - stop what you're doing.

We need to stamp out homophobia and bullying before it turns to hate crime like this.

As Ellen says, 'peoples' minds will change, and you should be alive to see it'.

Where you can go for help:
Beyond Blue
Kid's Helpline
The Line
Bullying No Way
Open Doors

There is a YouTube campaign called It Gets Better. MCV says the campaign is 'aimed to show gay youth that even though they may get bullied or tormented during their school years, being a member of the LGBT community during their adulthood can be a truly wonderful thing'.

This is Darren Hayes' message.


  1. I just watched this clip earlier today. It moved me to tears as well. I'm so proud of Ellen for doing this; I hope it makes a difference.

  2. it made me so sad to read about the spate of suicides. it's so unnecessary :(


    She Wore It Well Blog

  3. Great post Carly! Ellen is brilliant ... just brilliant. Lets hope a difference can be made sooner rather than later. Heartbreaking!

  4. oh carly, i read about this too and it was it made me so sad what has happened to him.

  5. So heartbreaking isn't it. I am overwhelmed with how cruel some people can be. I don't know what to say. It is just awful. Well done for showing the videos and other links, it is really important.
    Heidi xo


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