30 October 2010

Music I've been missing - Angus and Julia Stone, What You Wanted

Julia Stone's lyrics sum up many of my feelings perfectly. I am often too afraid to write poetry as I know my poems won't be as beautiful as Julia's lyrics.

This song, What You Wanted, played on my iTunes a few minutes ago. I have known the song for years, but the lyrics seemed more poignant today. It's the music I've been missing.

I'd forgotten how great this video is too.

So many good things are happening for me right now. And yet I still found myself sad. I have plenty more things to be happy than sad about. I have come to a realisation after discussions with a good friend. I make my own happiness, others make theirs. It's a bit of a weight lifted.

I'm doing ok now. Better than the past weeks. Getting there. I'll be myself soon :) I didn't think it'd be this hard.


  1. 'Tis very true that we make our own happiness,I concur.I think we (by us I mean the world) suffer from chronic dissatisfaction.If our lives don't mirror that of the magazines or TV screens we don't feel like we're are entitled to call what we have 'happiness' .

    On a side note...I think Julia Stone kinda sucks,I much prefer Angus.Don't get me wrong her lyrical content is alright but her faux-baby doll voice bugs me.However,to each his own and music is a great soother.

  2. I agree - we do make our own happiness. I disagree about wanting it to reflect the glossy magazines and TV screens, though. I think it's much deeper than that - we strive for a perfection in a way that we see all around us in the natural world. Natural forms are incredibly beautiful, all effortless... while we earthlings try to eat well, live well, exercise well, work, play etc. We repeat until, hopefully, good habits stick in all those areas. I get sad that I'll never match the perfection of mountains and oceans.


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